Amigoe (Aruba): MEP: ‘This is also not good’


Amigoe (Aruba): MEP: ‘This is also not good’ 

 “The MEP hopes that the government will start an inquiry on the integrity of the police.”

MEP only now wants to start an inquiry on the integrity of the police when it comes to paying overtime and mishandling it vs. inquiries in to their less than stellar and unprofessional handling and investigation into the Natalee Holloway case.

Once again its all about … follow the money. Funny how this mishandled over-time issue was never a problem when tourism was functioning fine and the tax revenues were coming in prior to America’s reaction to Aruba and how they handled this case. Everyone just turned a blind eye to what may have been going on. Just like they seem to do with many things on Aruba.

For every action their is a reaction. The inevitable outcome has come from how Aruban police and officials have decided to handle Natalee’s disappearance. Loss of tourism means loss of tourist money spent means loss of tax revenue means loss of monies to pay for government infrastructure.  

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ARUBA – “AVP’s strategy or plan becomes little by little clear for everybody.  The government is forced to reduce the personnel expenses, and now that the government is doing that, the people are being incited to go on strike.  But everybody knows what the political preference of the police union is.” 

MEP reacts with these words on the recent developments with the police.  Cabinet Oduber IV requests the cooperation to drastically reduce the government expenses.  The government starts with the police, because this department is mishandling the overtime in a structural manner.  “The favorite day is the day that pays out 200 percent of the hourly pay, with the consequence that in less than 4 months, more than 4 million florins were paid in overtime.  Instead of supporting the government, the union incites the members to go on strike.  This only hurts our country.”  The MEP hopes that the government will start an inquiry on the integrity of the police.  MEP is of the opinion that the police cannot turn their back on the population when these can no longer pay the salaries and overtime.  The party also wonders:  “It’s also not good now that the government wants to reduce the expenses of personnel.  What do we have to do then?”

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