Cartoonist Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame weighs in on Aruba, “Satan’s Vendor”


If those in Aruba ever wondered how large a story Natalee Holloway was, they only need look to the comics. There are those in Aruba that thought this story would just go away. There are those in Aruba that tried to make it go away. Then there are those that wished it would go away.

Aruban officials scoffed when three Southern states formally announced a boycott of Aruba. Those in the tourism industry stated that the South did not make up a majority of the people who visit Aruba, so there would be nothing to worry about.

Ever wonder why so many Americans have looked elsewhere to vacation? One year later and not only has the story not gone away, it has managed to reach the lexicon of the comics. This reaches not only those that have followed the case for over a year, but everyone. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has managed to point the spotlight on Aruba all over again. Who doesn’t read Dilbert?

Read Satan’s Vendor

Dilbert satans vendor 13

Dilbert satans vendor 14

Dilbert Satans Vender 15

(Click on each cartoon strip for full size to read)

(FECALRUBA, that’s going to leave a mark)

This is part of the reason why the story does does not go away and tourism continues to slide in Aruba. It has become more than a missing person case. It has become part of Americana permeating all aspects of life and covered by all.

We have our own resident cartoonist, Vanderbilt – ‘06 who has blessed us with such great works as this, this and this. However, even Vanderbilt will admit that they are in mighty fine company that Scott Adams has joined the fray.

Of course we also appreciate it when other cartoonist like Berkleley Breathed of Opus give Scared Monkeys a plug.

More on one of my favorite cartoonists.

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