Aruban PM Nelson Oduber calls Business Owners Dishonest and Abusers


Isn’t this priceless. Something about the pot calling the kettle … black?

By the way PM Oduber, increasing taxes on products does not necessarily mean more Government tax profit. It usually means people will buy less as they cannot afford to pay for a product due to the tax increase. Increasing taxes hardly stimulates an economy.

The commercial sector is not acting honestly, because none of the stores where prices were increased have imported products after June 1, and therefore they are abusers.

Calling the business owners of Aruba as not acting honestly and abusers? This must be part of the MEP re-election strategy of PM Oduber. Just think, you would never have had to raise taxes if your tourism didn’t take such a hit. And the tourism would never have decreased if you have “honestly” investigated and prosecuted the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

AM digital taxes 061506

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