Amigoe: Solution for the Guadirikiri-case (Pitbull) in sight in Aruba


Amigoe; June 10, 2006: Solution for the Guadirikiri-case in sight

We cannot wait to see how the prosecutors office explains the full events of what happened to Pitbull and who was responsible for how he was found burning in a cave. Is that the result of the overdose as well?

The following is a translated version of the letter that was sent to Pitbull’s wife following his death that was printed in Bon Dia.


(Click HERE for a readable copy of letter)

Full Amigoe article:


ARUBA – “The investigation team in the Guadirikiri-case is making progress.  The team seems to be getting closer to figuring out what had really happened”, indicated the spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor Mariaine Croes 

One thing they know for sure, Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan had died of overdoses cocaine.  How the drugs have gotten in his body and by who, is still being investigated.  Four suspects were arrested in the past two weeks, of which one, M.L. was taken before the examining judge on Tuesday, who prolonged his detention with 8 days. 

The other three suspects were taken before the examining judge on Wednesday.  He was of the opinion that L’s girlfriend, V.H.C., was not involved in the case and released her.  The detention of other two was also prolonged with 8 days.  They are being suspected of murder of Djoegan, whose body will be handed over to the family one of these days.

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