Amigoe: Four suspects arrested in murder case Djoegan


Amigoe; June 6, 2006: Four suspects arrested in murder case Djoegan 

Amazing what happens when the police search the home of suspects with the intent on finding evidense to a crime.

ARUBA – Four suspects were arrested in connection with the murder of Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan.   The 25-year old Djoegan was found dead near the Guadirikiri caves in April.  His body was mutilated and set on fire.  One man (M.L.) was arrested on Saturday and two women (K.H. and C.H.C) and another man (S.H.) on Sunday.  The police searched the homes of the suspects and found drugs and money.  The spokesperson of the Public Prosecutor didn’t say what the relationship between the suspects and Pitbull was.  

The four suspects are also suspected of drug dealings.  

Morning paper Bon Dia reported this morning that Pitbull’s wife was called and told that she would find some things at the place where her husband’s body was found.  According to Bon Dia, she found a three-page letter, a bottle of Vodka, a joint, and an old iron cross.  She handed the object to the police and she gave Bon Dia a copy of the letter and authorized them to publish it.

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