Natalee Holloway Aruban Investigation: It is in everyone’s interest except the guilty to dig deeper into the case.


What has the Natalee Holloway investigation lead to but unacceptable situations. ThisAruba 3 suspects is exactly what the guilty and those that wish to hide and cover up want to happen. Will you allow that to occur?

It leads us to ask why there is not an internal review process being conducted and if it is , when will the results of that investigation be made public?

  • Concluding they did all that they could -with no results is unacceptable.
  • It is unacceptable to the grieving family and it is unacceptable to Natalee’s hope and it is unacceptable to the country of Aruba.
  • For the reputation of either a corrupt or incompetent police investigation will not enhance visitors to flock to a country where they may disappear and never be found.

What do the guilty hope for?

The evident hope of the guilty party is to play for time until public opinion becomes resigned that the crime falls into the unsolvable category.

This is almost too obvious. At the slightest hint of bad publicity, an arrest comes forward only to vaporize without information. This is the tactic of “doing something” just as a worker can appear to look busy. It is not leading to results : therefore, it is not aimed at solving the crime. Random arrests appear to be attempts at effort but when this effort becomes a visible ploy, serious interrogation of the reason for the technique must be activated. Those responsible should be aware they are either encouraging skepticism or if they are involved, looking more and more guilty as time passes. This is because if they are hiding something they have no other choice to pursue. They cannot find what will incriminate them and they cannot expose what they want to hide.

Those that perpetrated this act upon Natalee Holloway want apathy. They want disinterest. They want you to forget. Why do you think ArubaTruth has not posted since April? By the way, what ever happened to Steven Cohen? Aruba is playing a four corners game looking to stall out the clock. Do not let that happen.

The only thing these criminals have to hope for is disinterest. That isn’t going to happen. In the first place, there are too many unanswered questions and in the second place another similar crime will cast light on what has been going on. Criminals have to try again when they succeed and it is only a matter of time until they do.

(Read the Full article at The American Chronicle)

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