Amigoe: Oduber: ‘We have no choice’


Amigoe: June 2, 2006

Oduber: ‘We have no choice’ 

The ramification of the Aruban authorities unwillingness to take the Natalee Holloway investigation serious are coming home to roost. The disastrous loss of American tourism means a loss of tax dollars to the government. We posted a year ago that “This would not be good for tourism, and Aruban officials just ignored the obvious. Odeber states, “we have no choice”. YES YOU DO.

 Actually you do have another choice. Do your job and FIND JUSTICE FOR NATALEE.

ARUBA — “Citizens, don’t let any political party provoke you to do things against your will.  They do this in their own advantage.  We are not waiting for anarchy and chaos.”  With these words, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber addressed the population yesterday evening.  He had hoped to root out the aversion towards the increase of the import taxes that came into effect today.  According to him, there is no other way to settle the finances of the National Government.   

The address was also meant as answer on the pressing request of the social partners to revoke the measures.  The social partners have met with Finance-minister Nilo Swaen (MEP) yesterday at noon. He promised then to discuss the matter with his colleague-ministers.  The social partners received the answer on their request from the prime minister self in the national address yesterday evening.  However, he didn’t take notice of the two issues that all the persons that are against the import tax increase measures are bringing forward, namely the enormous increase of the number of civil servants since 2001 and the government refusing to involve the social partners and the advisory bodies in the decision process. 

He also didn’t have anything new to tell.  He repeated the known argument about the mismanagement of the AVP for 7 years.  He named again all the challenged projects, as well as the commendable performance of the MEP-government.

He called on everybody to behave.  “The entire world is watching us to see how we deal with this important crossroads in the existence of our country.”  He furthermore emphasized that everybody has the right to manifest, provided it is civilized. 

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