Americas Most Wanted to Feature Natalee Holloway Disappearance on Saturday Night


America’s Most Wanted has followed the disappearance of Natalee Holloway since her disappearance last summer in Aruba. Again this coming Saturday, AMW will feature the Alabama teens investigation and any possible new leads in the investigation. Rick Segall of AMW was on Rita Cosby, Live & Direct, recently discussing the upcoming program.

SEGALL:  At this point, at the one-year point, you have to look back at all of the missed opportunities, the things that could have been done in the first hours, the first days, the first weeks.  And you know, it makes your head reel.  But unfortunately, there‘s nothing that can be done about that right now.  You have to focus on, as of today, what can be done. 

So we‘ve always said at “America‘s Most Wanted” it only takes one tip and getting information out to the right person to provide the tip.  In Saturday‘s show we‘re going to be directing people to “Opsvering Versadt” (ph), the Dutch version of “America‘s Most Wanted”.  We‘ve got transcripts from their show.  We‘ve got clues.  We‘ve got information from them we want our viewers to see and take a look at as well.  And we‘re still hopeful.  Perhaps in a month or so a deep water search can yield more information.

Rick Segall also goes on to discuss the different approach that AMW will take during the airing of their show.

RICK SEGALL, “AMERICA‘S MOST WANTED”:  You know, watching your time line here, a great time line, over the course of the past year, emotionally exhausting.  And we weren‘t even the ones who lived through this.  It was Dave and Beth and their families. 

We‘re taking a little bit of a different approach this Saturday.  Dave and Beth have done an amazing job keeping Natalee‘s case in the spotlight.  And I think they would both admit that Beth has sort of been the face for the family here a little bit more than Dave has. 

So after talking to both Beth and Dave, we decided that we were going to focus on what it‘s been like as a parent to go through this past year, to do it from Dave‘s perspective, as well as talking about to a classmate who‘s never done any interviews with the media before.  She‘s coming forward.

SEGALL:  She had an awful lot of anxiety and said that the thought of doing it in the past has sort of put her in tears.  And she‘s finally at that point, I think, after hearing rumor and speculation, helping us to put some rumors to bed, to set the record straight on exactly when Natalee met Joran, things of that sort to sort of set, as I said, some speculation to rest as well as hoping that by coming out, telling her story perhaps it‘s going to help jog somebody‘s memory and to help the Holloway family. 

It has been reported today on FOX  News that the ALE lead investigator will be attending the show as well as Federal agents from the FBI.

I have to tell you we got late confirmation that the lead investigator is flying to Washington D.C. to be on hand when the show airs along with 2 FBI agents from Alabama and Miami who will be there.

America’s Most Wanted Natalee Holloway Preview Videos

The AMW feature will hopefully have new information of the Columbian witness information of the Columbian witness that was reported in the National Enquirer as having been questioned by police. What new information could the 40 year old Columbian witness have provided?

Part 1          Part 2         Part 3

We had originally heard of the Columbian witness during an interview on Hannity & Combs with Natalee’s aunt, Linda Allison.

I do think there are some friends of the three suspects that may have been questioned and need to be brought back again. There is a witness they’ve been questioning lately. He was at the beach that night and potentially witnessed or actually said there was an occurrence that happened at the beach. Later he was able to obtain some forensic evidence.

This is information that came to light about a week ago. I don’t have any other info at this time, but I hope that this witness is credible.

Actually this individual was a witness to observe some things that occurred on the beach.

Maybe AMW will get into a further examination of the Wever/Joran Van der Sloot relationship as reported by The Globe.

Globe Wever JVDS connection

(Click to enlarge)

Or get into more detail in to the cover up during the investigation as reported by The Globe.

Part 1   Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5   Part 6    Part 7

Globe Aruba Killer never brought to justice

(Click to enlarge)

I am sure what most of us would want to know is if anyone in the main stream media has pursued anything a long the lines of questioning Aruban authorities as to “Why Paint Rocks in the Middle of Nowhere? Confirmed Painted”


It would be refreshing to see at least one of the main stream media outlets pursue this angle. Or at least ask the question so that someone would provide a reasonable answer as to what was going on.


We can only hope that someone comes forward and does the right thing by calling into AMW and provides a tip that ends this nightmare for the Holloway’s and Twitty’s.

 (Hat Tip: Klaas)



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