Amigoe (Aruba): Family Dinesh Djoegan demands an explanation. Aka If it doesn’t affect Tourism, Is it important?


Amigoe, June 1, 2006: Family Dinesh Djoegan demands an explanation

It appears that Natalee Holloway’s family is not the only ones that get the run-around by the ALE. Two months later after the murder of Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan and his family is just told to wait.

“Every time we call, they tell us that we need to wait.  Wait for what?  It is already two months ago that Pitbull was murdered and we are in a lot of pain.”

 Welcome to the world of an investigation of a murdered individual is not a priority. The sad fact is for this family is that one wonders how much of an investigation will they really receive? The American media is not covering the murder of “Pitbull”. Aruban authorities feel no obligation to solve this murder as they do not have the watchful eye and scrutiny of the media on them to perform. Hell, with all the world watching and continuing to with the Natalee Holloway investigation look how they are handling that.

We certainly do empathize with the family of Dinesh Djoegan as they deserve answers as well. The real truth and hidden resentment by many in Aruba is probably one of, why cant we as citizens get the same type of investigation as a tourist would receive. However, rather than being resentful that is a question you need to ask the ALE and your government.

It has been clear during the investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway that Aruban officials only react when their precious tourism might be or is affected. Unfortunately the murder of one of its citizens I guess does not get treated the same and that is terribly unfortunate and a shame.

ARUBA – Family and friends of Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan submitted a petition with the Public Prosecutor (OM).  They are very disappointed that there was no information regarding the investigation on the murder of Pitbull.  The 25-year old man was found dead near the Guadirikiri cave in April. “Every time we call, they tell us that we need to wait.  Wait for what?  It is already two months ago that Pitbull was murdered and we are in a lot of pain.  The pain gets bigger because nobody has been arrested yet”. The first name and signature on the form is of his wife, followed by names of family, friends, and colleagues.

The petitioners want to know how the investigation progresses and what the results are.  “We want to know the motive for killing a loving person in such a cruel manner.  How can we put him to rest if we do not know anything?” 

A woman found the mutilated body of the 25-year old Dinesh Djoegan near the Guadirikiri cave.  The body was set on fire.  It could be identified thanks to a tattoo he had.  The autopsy revealed that he had cocaine in his body.  

The prosecutor confirmed having received the petition.  The spokesperson of the OM indicated that they wouldn’t comment on the case.  “We are in contact with the family of the victim.  We won’t give more information.”

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