Beth Twitty is still living every parent’s nightmare one year later


Its been a year for Beth Twitty in dealing with the pain and anguish of dealing with the Beth Twitty 2disappearance of her Daughter Natalee. A year that most likely seems like an eternity. Every day is the same for Beth Twitty. Ever day represents another day without answers and without Natalee. Beth Twitty is no different than any other parent of a missing child. Although in some respects, she is.

“Nobody would give up until one thing has happened,” Beth says. “Either charges have to be filed or the case has to be closed and right now we still have an active investigation, no charges have been filed. We’re doing just what any parent would do at this point.”

Beth is still living every parent’s nightmare. Last May, six hours after she got the call that Natalee was missing, she was on a plane to the tropical island, where her daughter was celebrating her high school graduation with her friends.

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Having just recently having the opportunity to talk to Beth I am reminded of the amazing strength she displays and also the enormous mountain of grief that she takes on every day. She faces every parents worse nightmare. The possibility of losing their child. Parents are not supposed to bury their children and the sad fact is that Beth Twitty can at least get a small amount of closure in doing just that.

And although she’s still working for some sort of closure, Beth says she Beth 2knows she may never see her daughter again. “I don’t think any of us think that’s a very good possibility,” she says. “Of course every parent hopes to see their son or daughter alive again, but I think in Natalee’s case we know that it doesn’t look good.”

Beth Twitty battles on and fights the good fight. She is a tremendous inspiration and will be for future parents who unfortunately find themselves in the same position. I am proud that we could be a support for a family who at many times found themselves down but not out and up against the wall. 


One year ago I never knew who Beth Twitty, Dave Holloway, Jug Twitty, Robin Holloway, Paul Reynolds, Tim Miller (TES), Joe Mamana, so many others and more importantly who Natalee Holloway was. One year later after a roller coaster ride of our own and through the support of the internet, both commenters, readers, lurkers and faithful Monkeys we are all better for having known them and showing them our support.


One year later by witnessing Beth Twitty’s unwaivering strength as an example to us all, I am proud to know this brave family of people as simply Beth, Dave, Robin, Jug, Paul, Tim, Joe and Natalee.   


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    One Response to “Beth Twitty is still living every parent’s nightmare one year later”

    1. Elizabeth Taylor on November 21st, 2006 9:41 pm

      While this Missing Persons Campaign sounds like quite the noble effort, it really pales in comparison to the real problem. How little the so called SYSTEM values our youth. Our (minor) daughter has been missing since October 23, 2006. Our sympathies and prayers go out to all of the other parents who have “missing children”. While the authorities may have done their civil duty by filing the required reports, there is nothing that holds them responsible for actively looking for a missing child, especially one who appears to have “runaway of their own free will”. They DO NOT actively seek runaways in the state of Indiana. It is NOT illegal to run away in the state of Indiana! We were told there were more than 100 juveniles reported “missing” and classified as runaways in the month of October alone! Yet only 6 are listed on the NCMC site as missing within the last year! Where are all of these precious children?

      Are we loosing our distinctive place in the world as a country that values human life? Are we to be satisfied with the mundane mediocre efforts of others whose values appear to be uniquely different than ours? Who will hear our plea? I thought this was a country “by the people and for the people”! Have we lost our voice and our backbone? Are they really over-burdened or is it easier to just let another one slip through the system because it appears that everything will be OK…..someday?

      It’s easier to get someone to help you find your missing dog than for them to become engaged in any activity that would really put forth some sincere effort on the part of a child! Are we afraid to get involved? We don’t have $100,000 to offer as a reward, does that make our daughter less valuable? NO! We’ve tried posting flyers in gas station and local places of business, the answer — no we can’t do that. If we post a flyer for one person we have to post everything. Even the so called “partners” with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are slow to post flyers! It is just not a priority. If our children are not a priority, then we have really lost our reason for existence.

      We have been told by the authorities that we have limited rights to our daughter even if we know where she is….if she chooses NOT to come with us. No legal charges are waged against the adults who harbor her? Even if they themselves are not legal citizens they have more rights to our daughter than we do? However, we the legal parents are still responsible for anything she may do that is against the law! Where does all this end? We’ve asked for media assistance, but the Detective assigned to the case who has the authority to authorize the media just doesn’t seem to think it’s a good idea. How can a state that is supposed to be conservative let itself get to this point?

      How are we supposed to teach our children to respect authority when that same authority is actively teaching them that if they don’t’ like the rules that they are supposed to live by they can just run away from them? No wonder we have so much trouble with juvenile violence! The message we are sending and they are receiving loud and clear is “Do what you want and no one can touch you because you are just a kid”.

      Yes, we are upset. We want our daughter back home, safe and sound with her loving family. We want the people who have been hiding her to understand just how wrong it is for them to steal our child. We want the system to step up and take active action to help us locate our daughter. But I guess our nation doesn’t make children our priority, then those things won’t happen because they just won’t be important to those who make up that “system”.

      Submitted in honor of our daughter, Alexis and all of the others that are still “lost”.

      Richard and Elizabeth M. Taylor

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