Dutch Teen,Guido Wever, Fights Aruba’s Transfer Request in Natalee Holloway Case


According to Gerard Spong, attorney for Dutch teen, Guido Wever who was Wever 1arrested in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway will fight extradition request to Aruba.

A Dutch national detained on suspicion of participating in the kidnapping and killing of Natalee Holloway in Aruba is fighting a request to bring him to the island, his attorney’s office said.

Spong’s secretary said a hearing was scheduled for Tuesday at a district court in The Hague, where Spong planned to argue that the Dutch government should not honor an Aruban request to bring him to the island.

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Guido Wever was arrested on Sunday and is considered a friend of Joran Van der Sloot. Guido Wever worked at the casino in the Holiday Inn where Natalee Holloway stayed on her senior vacation.

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THE HAGUE, The Netherlands (AFP): Police have made a new arrest in the case of the disappearance of a United States teenager in the Caribbean island of Aruba last year, the public NOS radio 1 reported on Sunday.

It said the suspect, whose identity was not released, was from Aruba and friends with Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch youth who has also been questioned in the case.

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For the first time in a long time a suspect has been detained that admits to knowing Joran Van der Sloot. Looking back on the investigation, Guido Wever is the individual who stated he was playing tennis with Joran Van der Sloot the following day.

“Joran told police that he played tennis with a friend during the evening hours. And the pal backed up his alibi.”

But when I investigated the Racquet Club I found that Joran had never played tennis there that night.”

This created a type of alibi for Joran, not of the night that Natalee disappeared but for the following day. It has been widely speculated that Natalee’s body may have been moved the following day from its original location.

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According to attorney Gerard Spong, his client claims his innocence and that he has never met Natalee Holloway. He does, however, admit to knowing Joran Van der Excelsio 2Sloot.

Spong said his client, a casino worker on the island, has proclaimed his innocence and said he never met Holloway.

“He is now a suspect, and the prosecution in Aruba is wanting him very quickly,” Spong said.

He said he would ask the court in The Hague to allow his client to remain in the Netherlands “because I think that we can prove or make sure that he is not guilty.”

Spong said “some witnesses” have identified his client as a suspect, “but I think their statements — their testimonies — we can fight it easily.”

Wever is an acquaintance of Joran van der Sloot, who was once a focus of the probe into Holloway’s disappearance, said a source close to the case.


Dutch Police Arrest Natalee Suspect: Guido Weaver, A Casino Worker, Detained In Connection With 2005 Murder

Dutch police have detained a man on suspicion of participating in the kidnapping and killing of Natalee Holloway last year in Aruba, the suspect’s lawyer said Sunday.

CBS News has learned the man is Guido Weaver, an Aruban national. Weaver was originally questioned as a witness last June at the start of the investigation, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports.

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      If take a look at the picture of guido wever and the drawing they did on haunting evidence . I think you will see a stiking resembles. No wonder hes fighting for him to go back to Aruba

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