Guido Wever, Name of New Arrested Suspect in Natalee Holloway Case in Aruba


According to reports and Fox News, the new suspect that was arrested in connection with the disappearances of Natalee Holloway in Aruba names is Guido Wever. Update on Fox News now.

Guido Wever

(Picture of Guido Wever)

He was detained last Wednesday. He was considered a witness in June, 2005. Since February of this year, he is now a suspect. Prosecutor in Aruba want him very quickly. Main evidence against him is witness made statements against him. He claims that he is innocent and never met Natalee last June.

Jossy says he will have to come back to Aruba and the case will go forward in court. Guido Wever is his name. He did not have scratches or bruises on him last June. He was interrogated last June. Good friend of Joran. Played Tennis with him and gambles with Joran. Jossy believes Guido is in bigger trouble than GVC ever was. GVC never knew Joran.

Also, according to Jossy Mansur of Diario in Aruba Guido Weaver is not the individual that was arrested the other day with the scratches on his face. Guido Weaver is another detained individual. The identity of the individual who was arrested with the scratches has yet to be identified.

Fox News: New Arrest in Natalee Holloway Case

He also told Dutch national TV broadcaster NOS that the suspect was a croupier at the casino in the hotel where Holloway was staying.

Gerard Spong said his client, whose name was not disclosed, was accused of “assisting in the murder, heavy battery and kidnapping” of Holloway.


Update: AD (also including picture of Guido Wever)



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