American Illegal Immigration Policy


This about sums up our governments efforts to protect our borders.

Immigration siesta!

(Hat Tip: Vanderbilt – ‘06)

The American immigration policy in the US over the past twenty or thirty years can be best summed up in four words.

“While You Were Sleeping”

From President George W. Bush’s speech on “illegal immigration” comes the following excerpts from Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner. On the President’s vision for comprehensive immigration reform:

We are a Nation of laws, and we must enforce our laws. We are also a Nation of immigrants, and we must uphold that tradition, which has strengthened our country in so many ways. These are not contradictory goals – America can be a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time. We will fix the problems created by illegal immigration, and we will deliver a system that is secure, orderly, and fair.”(MORE)

What is rather comical is that if we were a Nation of laws and actually enforced those said laws then maybe we would not be in the predicament in dealing with illegal immigration as we find ourselves today. Mr. President, the problem is that we do not enforce the immigration laws. The problem is we do not defend our borders. We have politicians that have literally said they will not enforce laws that prevent illegals from coming into a sovereign country.

So how are we a “Nation of laws”? It would appear we are a Nation of upholding convenient laws so to benefit politicians incumbent positions. What part about “illegal” am a missing?

Full Text of Presidents Speech

The very first point that GWB made last night in drawing out a comprehensive immigration reform was to protect the borders. Seeing that we have done nothing to protect them even after 9-11, this is a novel concept.

We must begin by recognizing the problems with our immigration system. For decades, the United States has not been in complete control of its borders. As a result, many who want to work in our economy have been able to sneak across our border and millions have stayed.

First, the United States must secure its borders. This is a basic responsibility of a sovereign nation. It is also an urgent requirement of our national security. Our objective is straightforward: The border should be open to trade and lawful immigration and shut to illegal immigrants, as well as criminals, drug dealers and terrorists. (Breitbart)

Secure our borders first, huh? Too bad there are too many gutless US Senators inside the beltway that think that our borders and national security mean nothing. From Michelle Malkin, the Senators tipped their hands to the first of many abominations. The US Senate voted down the ENFORCEMENT 1ST bill, 55 to 40. Absolutely amazing.

To the Republican controlled Senate, you are doing your best to lose control. Was prosperity too much for you folks? You would actually vote to not protect our borders from illegals or any terrorist that would come over. WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR JOB AGAIN SUPPOSED TO BE?

Call up your Senator and give then an earful.

This is exactly what the Senate just voted down. Protecting the borders first. Could someone please explain if one wishes to fix a boat that is taking on water, don’t you have to fill the hole first to prevent more water from coming in? When the levies failed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, didn’t the Army Corp of Engineers first have to reinforce the levies from preventing more water from pouring in before they could even attempt to restore New Orleans? What is the difference?

Despite this progress, we do not yet have full control of the border, and I am determined to change that. Tonight I am calling on Congress to provide funding for dramatic improvements in manpower and technology at the border. By the end of 2008, we will increase the number of Border Patrol officers by an additional 6,000. When these new agents are deployed, we will have more than doubled the size of the Border Patrol during my presidency.

For anyone who wants to see how Mexico is laughing at the US Senate and our immigration policy on illegals one needs to look no further than what Mexico threatened to do if GWB put the National Guard on our border to protect America.

Mexico Threatens Suits Over Guard Patrols. Yes, you read that correctly.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Mexico said Tuesday that it would file lawsuits in U.S. courts if National Guard troops on the border become directly involved in detaining migrants.

Mexican border officials also said they worried that sending troops to heavily trafficked regions would push illegal migrants into more perilous areas of the U.S.-Mexican border to avoid detection.

“If there is a real wave of rights abuses, if we see the National Guard starting to directly participate in detaining people … we would immediately start filing lawsuits through our consulates,” Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez told a Mexico City radio station. He did not offer further details. (Yahoo News)

Are you kidding? Mexico is going to sue us for maintaining and protecting our own borders. Does anyone see an issue here? Anyone wonder why this issue is at a boiling point? Ever wonder what Mexico does to those from Central America who try to sneak in to their country illegally? The US Senate needs to be reminded of a certain oath and a Constitution that they swore an oath to defend:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

The United States defends borders in Iraq between Iraq/Syria and Iraq/Iran. The United States helps defend the DMZ between North and South Korean. For some reason, after 9-11, The United States of America and its elected officials do not see fit to protect out own borders. This is truly an amazing and pathetic concept.

A Nation of laws, huh? All I can keep thinking is we wonder why US Representatives and Senators don’t have “term limits”?

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    1. mariana on November 26th, 2009 2:47 am

      why are they deporting dads who have children in the US and letting them get away from supporting the children. they will not be called dead beat dads. why? because the government deports them and now what are the kids going to do? will the government give the wife and kids what they deserve? i wish i can see that happen! ha! ha! ha! poverty comes our way. IT IS NOT VERY FUNNY!
      WHERE IS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL WHO NEEDS TO LOOKS OUT FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR KIDS. our kids will only grow up with their moms and hating the government. NO VOTE FOR THEM! I WILL SEE THAT!
      SM: Well let’s not break up the family. How about we deport all of them, lock, stock and barrel. You grow up hating a government? Hardly. They came into this country illegally so one would think that they do not respect the laws of the US or our govt in the first place.

      We are not their meal ticket. If people want to come into this country legally, then they are welcome. If not … well there is the door.

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