Once again Joran points to Deepak Kalpoe, More documents of Natalee’s case leaked


Diario; May 3, 2006: Un biaha mas Joran ta punta dede riba Deepak Kalpoe MAS DOCUMENTO DI CASO NATALEE A LEAK

Once again Joran points to Deepak Kalpoe More documents of Natalee’s case leaked

Diario documents

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ORANJESTAD (AAN) – More and more documents and information on the case of Natalee continue to come to light and in one of the reports that have leaked, readers themselves could read in yesterday’s DIARIO edition how Joran van der Sloot was talking, thinking, assuming, etc. and that he let people think or at the very least created the impression that it was Deepak who did something bad to Natalee on the day that Joran supposedly left Natalee sleeping on the beach.

Meanwhile, other police documentation leans in the direction that it is Joran van der Sloot himself who is the one how could or had to know what happened with Natalee, because he was the last person to be with her.

Why did Joran van der Sloot create the impression or in an indirect way point towards (you can say here accused?) Deepak Kalpoe, that it was Deepak who could have done something to Natalee?

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