How Does the Arrest of 19 year old “G.V.C.” (Geoffry van Cromvoirt) connect the dots in disappearance of Natalee Holloway?


There has been a media frenzy over the arrest in Aruba of a 19 year old Dutch National with the initials of “G.V.C.”(Geoffrey Geoffrey van Cromvoirt GMAvan Cromvoirt). According to reports from Dave Holloway, the name of the arrested individual is new to the investigation. So that begs the question, why now? After 11 months of investigating the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, why now does this arrest occur? What links does this suspect have to Joran Van der Sloot and the disappearance of Natalee? As we only scratch the surface, we see that once again in Aruba so many dots are always connected and intertwined with one another.

So “G.V.C.” is related to the owner VCB Security in Aruba. VCB Security’s own company statement:

We provide a great service and a difference of security guards, CCTV systems and alarm systems all to your liking. We work closely with the local police and have years of experience in the security branch.

VCB Security has a direct public/private relationship with the Visibility Police on Aruba. What are some of the other projects for VCB Security? Mambo Jambo Nightclub Aruba and the Marriott Resort & Casino Aruba. The very resort that Joran Van der Sloot claims he and Natalee were dropped off at by Deepak Kalpoe?

The idea came about three years ago and the private sector, the hotels, Aruba visibility_team_clip_image002_0002banded together to fund raise for a better Police and security system. As a result of public resources and private funding coming together, Aruba today has a professionally trained and fully equipped Visibility Team patrolling the high rise area of Palm Beach, the low rise area of Eagle Beach, the downtown Mecca of shopping, Oranjestad and now also San Nicolas. It was an instant success from the get go as it brought about an exodus of troublemakers from Aruba’s premium spots.

We have a security firm that has a “consulting” relationship with the “Visibility Team.” The Visibility Team is as states:

“The members of the Visibility Team are recruited from the ranks of the Police and from Rodana Security, they are all well trained and nicely equipped for the job.”

Aruba visibility_team_clip_image002_0000

Where have we seen this vehicle before? How many months have we been asking what was going on in these videos? Where have we seen the above truck before?

Maybe it was in this video? 

Or maybe this video?

Where have we seen this truck before?

VP video rock27




Because as we have always asked? Why Paint Rocks in the Middle of Nowhere? Confirmed Painted

Rock painting dude

Why Indeed?


However, a connection between Geoffrey van Cromvoirt and the Visibility Team does not change this one fact with regards to the three primary suspects.

Why is it that Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalopoe’s stories do not match? That is hardly the sign of innocent people when a simple story like who brought who home becomes a mystery.

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