Dave Holloway (GMA): “Aruba: The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise.”


Dave Holloway went on Good Morning America to publicize the release of his newDaves book book dealing with the disappearance of his daughter Natalee Holloway, Aruba: The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise.” Looking back ten months now since Natalee Holloway went missing, I guess we all should have been suspect and reading to deal with the confusion, cover-up and ordeal that would bestow the Holloway’s and Twitty’s.

He said that when he first arrived on the island, he stopped at two police stations to inquire about his daughter’s disappearance and was asked for money.

“The detective in charge, the first question he asked me was how much money I had,” he said. “I was in a state of shock. We finally gathered ourselves together and met with him and decided that we probably would be doing this search on our own.”Dave holloway gma

Over the past year we have seen Dave Holloway support the investigation and initially be opposed to a boycott of Aruba in hopes of finding his daughter. Dave Holloway backed th Aruban investigation in to the disappearance of Natalee until he could not in good conscience continue. Day after week after month Dave Holloway say the charade that was the investigation and search for his daughter. To the point where today some in Aruba have the audacity to actually blame the family for hampering the investigation and also accuse them of being involved in the disappearance. Dave Holloway wants answers, like any parent would. He also wants to remind and warn Americans to think twice and engage in understanding what happens when once gets on a plane and goes on vacation.

“You have to stop and think you are leaving the United States and the protection of this government,” he said. “I want more than just a plane ticket. What I want is more protection from the U.S. government.” (ABC GMA)

I have had the opportunity to meet Dave Holloway and the family and speak to him Dave holloway signon numerous occasions in trying to help Dave and family deal with the mystery behind Natalee’s disappearance and search for answers and clues. Dave Holloway, like so many other parents of missing children, is a good and honest man who certainly did not deserve this horrible event to happen. Dave Holloway and the family also did not deserve the treatment that they have received from Aruban officials and especially to be vilified as hampering an investigation when all they wanted was answers. Many of us wonder where this investigation would be today if this family had not stood up for themselves and demanded answers.

Read the following excerpts from Dave’s book regarding the disappearance of Natalee to get a brief glance at what the family was initially put through.

Book Excerpt: Natalee Holloway’s Father Speaks

Dave Holloway book

(Click on picture for video)

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