Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, Falls out of Tree and Suffers Concussion

Keith Richards, 62, suffers a concussion by falling out of a palm tree.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards suffered a mild concussion while vacationing in Fiji and was flown to a New Zealand hospital for treatment, a band spokeswoman said Saturday.

Media reports said Richards fell out of a palm tree and remained hospitalized in Auckland.

62? That’s all? Some how I thought he was older. The real story may be that he was actually able to climb the palm tree in the first place. Some might say Keith has been acting like he has been suffering from a concussion for years. I guess Keith Richards did not get the memo from Mick stating that it was the “A Bigger Bang” world tour they were about to begin, that was not the name of the thud that occurred when Keith hit the ground.

All kidding aside, the Rolling Stones Rock. Even in their later years they do a good job in concert; however, miss the good old days of Mick and the Boys in concert. Some of the best live shows ever.

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NFL Draft Day … Who did your Favorite Team Pick?

Today is one of Pro Football fans greatest days. Cheer or scream at your TV as your team picks who will be the present and future of their franchise. Two of my favorite players have already been picked. Hats off to the Titans for choosing Vincent Young at #2. This guy will be the face of QB’s for years to come. And at #6 Vernon Davis an absolute phenom. A 4.38 40 TE at 254 lbs with all the character in the world.

Check out the ticker at ESPN to see who picked who. (Real Time and who is on the clock)

1st Round Picks

Round 2
Round 3

No suspense here: Texans select Williams with No. 1 pick; Bush goes to Saints

Leave your comments as to how your team is making out in todays draft.

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My in the News Again for all the Wrong Reasons is in the news again. This time a Florida teenager posted a countdown post of the hours until he blew up his school, Sonrise Christian School. Not a very smart move as Brian Russell Hall, 18, finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for.

A senior at the Sonrise Christian School was arrested Friday after authorities began an investigation into his posting a countdown of the hours until he blew up the school on the popular “My Space” website, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The arrest of Brian Russell Hall, 18, of 815 Wedgewood Lane, Lakeland, stemmed from word the school received from a visitor to his website about the threat. The school, in turn, contacted the Sheriff’s office.

Investigators went to the school and obtained his consent to search his person. They say they found a set of brass knuckles and a knife.

When will these teenagers ever learn that there are consequences to their actions?

Other recent misadventures in the news:

Girl home after running away with correspondent
Read more

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Body Believed to be that of Missing Army Specialist Robert Hornbeck found in Hotel

The body believed to be that of missing US Army Specialist Robert Hornbeck was found today in an air conditioning unit at the DeSoto Hilton in Savannah, GA. This was the last known location that Robert Hornbeck had been seen.

Read the full story at Missing & Exploited. It is hard to imagine that Savannah, GA proved to be more dangerous a place for Robert Hornbeck than Iraq.

Aruba – Natalee Holloway Comment Post 26

Having a hardware problem with the Scared Monkeys Forum. Forums posters and all free to post here for the time being. The comments are being moderated but we are trying to get them done, but your patience is appreciated.

Tom & Red

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