Joran Van der Sloot Last Night with Natalee Holloway with Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu


Joran Van der Sloot provided an interview regarding the last night he spent with Natalee Holloway to the Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu.

“Everything had to be her way. At that moment, I thought: ‘We’re not going to have sex. I have exams tomorrow and I just want to go home, forget her.”

Rather interesting comments coming from an individual who seems the need to have everything his way. Joran Van der Sloot said no to his parents and went to Carlos N’ Charlie’s without permission. Supposedly doing the interview with ABC and Fox without his parents approval. Who likes to get their own way? Interesting.

Van der Sloot said he kissed and fondled Holloway but they didn’t have sex.

She had been drinking but didn’t use drugs in his presence or appear heavily intoxicated, he told the Amsterdam weekly.

Gerald Dompig, Aruba’s deputy chief of police, said last week he believed Holloway may have died in a nonviolent manner, perhaps as an adverse reaction to alcohol and drugs, though he didn’t rule out she might have been killed or run away.
(Birmingham News)

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