Dissecting the CBS 48 Hours/Gerold Dompig/Aruba Interview; Part I (Paulus Van der Sloot)


So what is Paulus Van der Sloot? Suspect? Person of interest? Victim? According to Chief Deputy Dompig, “he knows more”.

During the CBS, 48 Hours interview Gerold Dompig made some rather interesting comments based upon his theories as to what happened to cause the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. One of the more peculiar comments was Dompig’s reference that Paulus Van der Sloot was involved in the cover up and reburial of Natalee Holloway. Paulus Van der Sloot was arrested for three days this past summer and is presently suing the Aruba for false imprisonment.

Paulus van der Sloot was quickly released on judge’s orders, but the young men remained in custody.

Twitty says she is confident the three boys know what happened to Natalee.

Gerold Dompig has asserted that because of the special privileged nature of the conversations that Joran and his father had, coupled with the fact that Paulus was “a judge in training”, that advice was given and information passed between the two.

Dompig acknowledges Joran was afforded some special legal protections because he was 17 years old at the time of his arrest. Dompig says that did complicate matters. “Yes, that complicated matters seriously because he had more visiting rights with his father — his father being a judge in training was a problem for us because he could give his son certain advice.”

Then Dompig comes out with a bit of a shocker as compared to any of the negative comments that he makes towards the family. Instead this comment is directed towards Paulus Van der Sloot. Dompig accuses the elder Van der Sloot of being knowing more and being involved.

Dompig says he believes Paulus van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway’s disappearance.

The exact quote from the interview was as foll owes:

Troy Roberts (CBS): Do you believe Paulus Van Der Sloot knows more than he has been telling?
Gerold Dompig: Yes I Do…

With this being said, doesn’t this make the present law suit by Paulus Van der Sloot and the Van der Sloot family is questionable at best. Not only is a suspect in Joran Van der Sloot somehow given the right by a judge to receive monies for damages, but also Paulus was given the right to sue when the chief of police thinks he is complicit in the crime.

This is an amazing accusation on Dompig’s part. With some of the comments that Joe Tacopina has made about saying slanderous comments about his clients, one can only presume that Tacopina will be sending Deputy Chief Dompig a cease and desist letter. This theory that Paulus Van der Sloot knows more than he is saying makes it all the more troubling how a civil case can supersede a criminal one. Aruba, imagine if the following occurs? A civil case is decided and damages are given to Paulus Van der Sloot and we later find out, if what Dompig is saying is proved, that Paulus had a part in the crime and cover up after all. What sense does this make? Being rewarded for damages when one was actually guilty all along.

We feel strongly that she probably went into shock or something happened to her system with all this alcohol maybe on top of that other drugs which either she took or they gave her and that she just collapsed,” says Dompig.

The crime, Dompig suspects, occurred when the body was illegally disposed of. The boys may have acted alone.

“We’re not talking about killers here,” he says.

Or, as Dompig reveals for the first time, they could have had accomplices. “New people are coming in the picture. It is possible that there was a second group involved, or more people than these three boys,” he says.

Dompig speculates the body was hastily buried once, and that those extra accomplices may have been needed to move it to a more hidden location.

So what are the names of the people that Gerold Dompig seems to think are involved in this conspiracy to bury and rebury Natalee Holloway? Who could be involved that Joran Van der Sloot would so brashly make a rebuttal comment to CBS with regards to Dompig.

On Thursday Joran Van der Sloot told us on the phone that he never saw Natalee with any drugs and called Dompig’s theories not credible.

48 Hours — CBS — Saturday, 3/25/2006 (Hat Tip:AnnieMW1)

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