Joe Tacopina Meets “The No Spin Zone” and Crumbles


People may want to save the recording of last nights TV interview of Bill O’Reilly and BORAttorney Joe Tacopina from “The No Spin Zone”. After what transpired and Joe Tacopina’s less than stellar performance one wonders whether he will be making a return trip any time soon, if ever.

From the outset of the interview Joe Tacopina, Joran and Paulus Van der Sloot’s civil lawsuit defense attorney, had no substantial answers. He was completely taken off guard and provided much of nothing for the defense of his clients other than the same tired comments. It was actually a rather telling interview in to how easily flustered one can make him. The usually arrogant and cocky Tacopina was all but during and interview that had some rather telling comments come from his mouth that were in direct contrast with previous statements.

Bill Reilly’s first question to Joe Tacopina seemed to stun him to the point where he could not recover from the rest of the interview. It seemed like a rather simple question that one would be able to answer. A question that has puzzled many, glad it was finally asked.


Bill O’Reilly: First of all I don’t even know why they hired you, the father hired you right. Joe said the family hired him yes. Bill why bother they’re Dutch citizens if somebody sues me over there in Holland I’m not going to go over there I’m just going to say hey I’m an American citizen and you have no jurisdiction over here.

The answer that Joe Tacopina provided that “well you know that would be a great legal tactic to take if Joran were guilty of something”, was rather shaky. Many people have done exactly what Bill O’Reilly stated; just ignored the law suit. Why would anyone pay for an attorney to represent them as Bill O’Reilly claimed when all you had to do was ignore the lawsuit? Which leads to the real possible answer to why Joran and Paul Van der Sloot hired an attorney. If the had a default judgment against them by ignoring the lawsuit, the families of Natalee Holloway would have a large financial judgment against the Van der Sloots. However, the problem would be collecting it in Aruba or Holland. But what about the United States? The Van der Sloots have assets in the US? Presently no, but they would if they were planning on doing a book or movie deal based out of the US. Which brings us to the issue of money.

If the first question of the interview was not bad enough for Joe Tacopina, the second one asked by Bill O’Reilly finished Tacopina off completely.


Bill O’Reilly: Well if you’re paid to represent them you have to say it and by the way are they paying you? Joe sure they’re paying me. They are? They the family are paying you?

Joe Tacopina was actually unable to just answer the question with a simple yes or no. He hemmed and hawed and stammered until finally admitting he was being paid.

Members of the family along with supporters of the Van der Sloot family have made contributions to their defense.

You are being paid? What happened to you took the case pro bono?

He will be represented by the American lawyer Joe Tacoma. He will be the defending lawyer in the case against Joran and represent him in TV-show. He is a well-known criminal lawyer that appears on a regular basis in talk shows on MS NBC. Joran says that Tacopina works pro bono.

So much for the case being pro bono as originally advertised. It would appear that “supporters of the family” have made contributions to the defense fund. Wouldn’t everyone want to get a look at that list of donors?

Bill O’Reilly also made another great point in what is the point of what they are doing? If it was to change public opinion, one couldn’t be any more misguided in their view of American people.

“.. and for you to think that you’re going to turn the perception of Joran Van der Slot and his father around in this country you’re crazy.

As Bill O’Reilly trumpeted the sentiments of many in the United States that they believe Joran van der Slot is guilty as his stories are not believable and he was the last one seen with Natalee Holloway who then disappeared forever. As much as we may never see Joe Tacopina ever again on “The Factor”, we certainly will never see Bill O’Reilly get “a crack at” Joran Van der Slot. Tacopina was carved up like a holiday turkey last night, Joran Van der Sloot may turn shades or purple if ever questioned by Bill O’Reilly.

The Joran Van der Sloot “I am a victim” tour also hit a road block when it ran smack into the “No Spin Zone”. It was about time someone put Tacopina in his place and reminded the world who the real victim is in this case. If Joran Van der Slot faces anything, he brought it on himself. Who lies and continues to do so to go to jail? Bill O’Reilly has long been a victim’s rights advocate, especially when it comes to our youth.

Joe said and you know what (Bill said he’s got a long time to make the story up) put yourself in his shoes and Bill said no I’m going to put myself in the girls shoes she left with three guys, she was buzzed they took her someplace, she never came back and I don’t believe this story for a second most Americans don’t believe it. Joe say why don’t you believe it and Bill said because I go with the odds and Joe said the odds and Bill said right. Bill said he’s not saying he can convict this kid he’s saying he’s going with the odds and the odds are these three did something to prevent girl from ever being seen again.

Once again, if the interview did not go bad enough for Joe Tacopina in what was nothing short of a PR fiasco then came these words.

Joe said, “IF” he left her on the beach like he said he did, why is it so implausible that something else happened to her there is a million scenarios”.


Ah  … IF??? If Joran left her on the beach as he claims? Did he or didn’t he Attorney Tacopina? Or is this story by your client yet another lie to throw everyone off the scent of where and what really happened that night that Natalee Holloway was never to be seen again?

(Summary of Interview) (Hat Tip: San)

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