Amigoe, Joran van der Sloot: ‘I want to go on with my life’


Amigoe, March 6, 2006: ‘I want to go on with my life’ Joran VDS

“Everybody in Aruba supports me. Even the American tourists are nice to me. Most of them tell me that they are not really that stupid to believe everything the media says.” (Joran Van der Sloot)

Well Aruba, according to Joran Van der Sloot everyone in Aruba supports him, the police are mean and he does not trust the Public Prosecutor. Joran Van der Sloot has just made himself the poster child of Aruba. Joran claims he wants this solved but only will talk to the media. With that the chips will fall where they may. A person who only talks, not to help solve the case and rid Aruba of this blight, but when it puts him in the “limelight.”

Joran van der Sloot was seen on Fox News for three nights in a row.

ARUBA – His phone continued to ring during the interview. “That’s Larry King calling. He doesn’t understand that I do not want to be in his show. He keeps telling me that this is once in a lifetime.” Joran van der Sloot gave two TV-interviews recently: one with ABC and one with Greta van Susteren (Fox News). He now calls it quits. “I have told my story and now I want to go on with my life. I don’t feel like repeating my story in thousands of interviews.”

He is not satisfied with the ABC interview. “They have cut the things that I thought were important.” The interview with Van Susteren was therefore broadcasted in full.

He wanted to tell his story, skip from one subject to the other, and stumble over his words. He wanted to step into the limelight earlier, but his lawyers advised him against. “I have nothing to hide and I am of the opinion that I should be able to just talk to people. I talk now because I am angry about everything that had happened, especially with my parents. My father lost his job, people do not want to talk to him, while he is a good person. It’s terrible for Aruba and I feel responsible for that. I feel like an Aruban citizen. I speak better Papiamento than Dutch.”

“Everybody in Aruba supports me. Even the American tourists are nice to me. Most of them tell me that they are not really that stupid to believe everything the media says.”

He gets very upset talking about the police and the Public Prosecutor (OM). “I will never again say anything to the police or the OM. I do no longer trust them. A police officer even hit me. They do everything to make you talk. You have to tell your story one hundred thousand times. When I figured out that they were looking for contradictions, that they wanted to screw me, I decided to stop talking. They had the camera constantly running. Then they turned it off and talked some more. Later they come up with a report with things that I have said.”

Joran says that the police tried to use the brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe against him.

The police told Joran that the brothers Kalpoe said that Joran had killed to girl. Later it turned out that they have never said that. “That’s the reason why at certain point I told the police that the brothers have dropped me off at my house and drove off with the girl.”

He looks forward to the trial in the US. He will be represented by the American lawyer Joe Tacopià ±a. He will be the defending lawyer in the case against Joran and represent him in TV-show. He is a well-known criminal lawyer that appears on a regular basis in talkshows on MSNBC. Joran says that Tacopià ±a works pro bono. “Tacopià ±a doesn’t like the way the case gets blown up and wants to help me. I am of course very happy with that.”

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