GretaWire: Dompig on Greta’s Interview, “these things don’t mean anything to us.”


From todays GretaWire comes the following disturbing and puzzling statements from Gerald Dompig. As Greta Van Susteren states, I to can only hope this was misquoted. If not this just proves what has been the problem with this investigation from the outset. There is no shame in asking for help when one is not experienced in handling a situation. It is better than the alternative and that is what exists today and what is described as the Natalee Holloway investigation.

So now direct statements of a suspect when answering questions in an interview whereas the individual most likely, or we should say hopefully, has been interrogated with the same cannot be used. Seems that the ALE wants to use nothing derogatory to Joran Van der Sloot in this investigation. “We have a serious investigation.” If you had searched the Van der Sloot property one might have been able to have said this. At this point I am not so sure.

However, we to like Greta have to believe that Gerald Dompig did watch and has looked at the interviews. If not, all, both Americans and Arubans should be scratching their heads.

If I were the Aruban police, I would take our two-hour plus interview and compare it to all the other statements given in the case by Joran and others. I would look for inconsistencies — not insignificant ones due to time and memory issues, but big ones that undermine credibility. Likewise I would look for consistences and evidence which might corroborate what Joran said to us in the unedited interview. My goal would be to determine if Joran was lying or telling the truth.

I received an e-mail over the weekend from a known and reliable source who said that Aruban Deputy Police Chief Dompig said he had not watched Joran’s unedited interview with us and said, [lifted quote from the e-mail to me] “these things don’t mean anything to us. We have a serious investigation. We wouldn’t use it in the investigation. Aruban courts will not use it.” If this is indeed Dompig’s view, it is a flawed investigative one and should alarm Arubans and anyone else interested in finding out what happened to Natalee. Our interview should be important to Dompig — it will tell him for certain whether Joran is lying (if it establishes inconsistencies with previous Joran declarations and evidence in police custody) or telling the truth (in which case they need to change the direction of their investigation.)

I hope the e-mail I received with Dompig’s quote is wrong — a misquote. If not, this is serious. It would suggest to me that ego is getting in the way. I hope I am dead wrong on this. This is an important investigation. I am hoping that Dompig is just making those statements publicly to distract (in other words for a good investigative reason) but behind the scenes is studying the Joran interview carefully. My guess is that he IS studying the interview. This would be extremely basic investigation — Investigation 101.

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    4 Responses to “GretaWire: Dompig on Greta’s Interview, “these things don’t mean anything to us.””

    1. Jill from Western Australia on March 26th, 2007 2:41 am

      TOTALLY BOTCHED investigation by…unfortunately Natalie is presumed dead…Aruba has a lot to answer for as does Joran!
      As for ANS…my heart goes out to the babies BIOLOGICAL FATHER….he has lost 6 months of “BONDING”….it would be UNPRINTABLE what I would like to do to HKS…..{Money grabbing SCUMBAG!!!}.

    2. Bev on February 11th, 2008 10:29 pm

      I have wondered if Joran forced oral sex on Natalie and she could not breathe. That possibly would cause her to shake as he explains on the type.

    3. Tyrone on May 20th, 2008 3:21 pm

      I agree with most that MSNBC is a sham!! I liked them once but they are so blatant in their cultism towards this unproven, naive, narcissistic smoke screen artist that it makes me ill. The woman has NO LEADERSHIP ability and has NO CONCEPT of economics nor foreign policy. The woman was caught in a BALL FACE LIE!These “pundits” are also aware that this vaporous “change” that Hillary spouts is ridiculous. Government is a series of checks and balances and no wet behind the ears NOVICE has the remotest chance of “changing” anything much less lead. These fakes who are migrating to her (superidiots) are doing so only to get somewhere in Mr. Narcissist’s good favor in hopes of a bread crumb. It is SO obvious to be sickening. They know this fake knows nothing and will be in prime position to gain favors. Just being First Lady don’t make you President or Senator.

      She chokes like a school kid when slightly pressured (check the last debate) and the thought of her actually being in a REAL CRISIS is downright SCARY!

      She is DEFINITELY media made and if were not for these Pied Piper followers on broadcasts such as MSNBC no one would care about who or what this fraud is.

      I, for one, am SICK OF IT and for the first time in 40 voting years WILL NOT vote for Hillary if she gets the nod. According to the latest AOL poll 47% state that they would most likely switch party depending who wins the DEM nomination. I am one of them who DEFINITELY WILL.

    4. Tyrone on May 20th, 2008 3:24 pm

      I just saw the report from the police chief in PHILADELPHIA. And was so disappointed . As a black American I was upset . All I could think about was Wilson Goode …….Here we go again. Blacks put Mayor Nutter in office and once again a black Mayor has disrespected black Americans. Mayor Goode let a community burn down and 11 black America die! Now Mayor Nutter lets officers beat kick and disrespect American citizen and a slap of the hand is given out. If Police are hire and paid to protect the public . Then how do you justify not fireing all police officers present. Mayor Nutter and the Chief Of police fire 4 officers . That tell me that a crime was admitted. The job of a police officers is to pervent and stop crime . Each officers there didn’t do there job…. All should be fire and jailed! If not Mayor Nutter…………….. you are no better then the evil police officers that beat three citizen. And to mention the murdered officers ( Are you saying that the officers where still upset,,,,,,,,,,,So they beat the citizens???)_ . If so….that disrespects all Americans that have been beaten and murder by police officers! Sean Bell family should be able to shoot any cop they see . And just say WE ARE STILL MAD! Military American personel are in prison for disrespecting Iraqi prisoner.Unarmed Blacks in this country can be murder and beaten and before there body is in the ground. The Police officers are back to work! I remember when Mayor Nutter was running and he kept saying that he wanted the cops . To be able to stop and fisked . I knew then this is a man that is not connected to the people that voted for him.. Any time you give more power to police . Black Americans pay with there lifes! Mayor Nutter should no better!!!

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