Joran Van der Sloot; To Get or Leave Your Shoes, That is the Question.


AKA: “Joran’s Really Big Shoe” or “Lions … Tigers and shoes, oh my”.

The tale that Joran is telling regarding his shoes makes no sense what-so-ever to a Marriott“reasonable” individual. According to Joran, Deepak and Satish dropped Natalee and him off from the road near the Marriott. That is where Joran took his shoes off. They walked to the beach directly in front of the Marriott and that is where Joran states he took his shoes off by the water.

Joran also seems to be so concerned about getting sand in his shoes that he also has no problem with the same shoes to leaving them on the beach losing them forever. Believable? (Hat Tip: TxChic)

Joran Van der Sloots comments from Part 1 of his interview with Greta Van Susteren regarding where he left his shoes when Natalee Holloway and he were dropped off at the Marriott.

VAN SUSTEREN: So where did you park?

VAN DER SLOOT: If you drive by right by the last Marriott Hotel so we took a left and you can drive right to the end of the road there and we stopped there, so you’re basically still at the hotel and that’s where — where we got out of the car and I told Deepak that “I’ll call you later to pick me up” and he said “OK,” and he left and we walked on the beach.

Shoes MarriottDropShoes2

(Hat Tip: Klaasend)

And, I mean there were people there. There were couples there on the beach as well. I mean we walked by other couples. It’s not — that beach is — it’s a very busy beach. There’s a lot of people there even at nighttime.

VAN SUSTEREN: On the beach you weren’t directly in front of the Marriott, you were a little bit north of the Marriott is that right, you call it the Marriott beach but you weren’t directly in front of the hotel?

VAN DER SLOOT: At that point, we were basically almost directly in front of the Marriott Hotel.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you cut through the hotel to the beach?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, no. You didn’t really cut because you’re right at the — the right side of the Marriott Hotel, all the way at the right. She didn’t really cut through — through the hotel but you were walking on the hotel property where there’s beach chairs and all that stuff.

VAN DER SLOOT: Well, we got at the beach. We walked up. I took off my shoes. We walked to the – to the ocean and that’s where we sat down as well. That’s where I left my shoes and then we started walking. And I asked her, you know, let’s – we can walk toward your hotel because there were a lot of people there too.

And she wanted to walk the other way, so towards the – starting to go towards the lighthouse. And, so we started walking – walking in that direction, more towards the fisherman’s hut and, yes, we were holding hands, talking and kissing, just having a good time.

Joran later states that he does not go back and get his shoes because he does not want to be confronted with having to deal with Natalee Holloway asking him to stay. This is not believable in the slightest as where Joran first claims to leave his shoes by the Marriott and the Fisherman’s Huts where he was picked up by Satish are not even close to each other. Natalee and Joran would have had to have walked up the beach for at least 15 or 20 minutes to reach the Fisherman’s Huts.

Shoes FishermansHutsPU2

The question still remains, why didn’t Joran just go back to the Marriott where Deepak had originally dropped both he and Natalee off and get his shoes? The Marriott was in the same direction that Satish had to drive Joran home. Joran stated he knew he was missing his shoes when he got into the car with Satish. A “reasonable” individual would have just asked Satish to stop for 5 minutes at the Marriott, after all it is not like Deepak & Satish have not chauffeured Joran around Aruba all night.


The excuse that Joran gives that he did not want to deal with Natalee to get his shoes isn’t even close to a truthful comment, as Joran’s shoes and Natalee Holloway were not even close in proximity. That is if Joran’s newest version is the truth??? The idea that some on Greta’s panel bought the idea that Joran could some how be telling the truth of not getting his shoes due to not wanting to be confrontational with Natalee is unfortunate. These panel members need to read all of what Joran has said and take a crash course in Aruba geography. The picture below is taken from the Fisherman’s Huts looking back toward the Marriott, do they look close?

SM Huts toward Marriott

(View from Fisherman’s Huts Toward Marriott)

Part 2 Greta Van Susteren interview:

VAN SUSTEREN: You left without your shoes. How do you — how do you explain that?

VAN DER SLOOT: We walked onto the — on the beach in the beginning, and where we sat down there, then, I had taken off my shoes. And because, when you walk in, it was the exact same shoes that I’m wearing now.

VAN SUSTEREN: Same kind?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, exactly.

VAN SUSTEREN: Or those aren’t the shoes?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, no. Those aren’t the shoes…

VAN SUSTEREN: Those are the same kind.

VAN DER SLOOT: … but those are the exact same kinds.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right.

VAN DER SLOOT: The same size, too. And — no, and so when I was on the beach, I had taken them off there, not to get sand into them. And that’s where — you know, where we — were we started walking the other way. I always thought we’d go back, and that’s where I’d left my shoes. And then the point in the car when we said, You know, we’re going to leave, then, yes, we just left and I didn’t really care about my shoes anymore.

VAN SUSTEREN: You hadn’t realized — I mean, in order to — I mean, to walk that 900 feet that’s — you know, you’re walking through the sand and a little bit on pavement, where the car is, right?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, it’s just sand, and then it comes right to the pavement. So no, I knew I didn’t have my shoes with me. That’s (INAUDIBLE)

VAN SUSTEREN: It didn’t bother you?

VAN DER SLOOT: It didn’t bother me. I mean, when he said — I wasn’t planning on leaving right away. It was that action that took place there that we’re, like, OK, you know, let’s go. And then that’s when we left.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you — you didn’t say to Satish, Look, I got to go get my shoes?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, that’s when — of course, I should have, but no.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did Natalee take off her shoes?

VAN DER SLOOT: I don’t remember. I think she had sandals on. I don’t know. I think she was wearing — yes. yes, she did.


VAN DER SLOOT: She had her — yes, she left her sandals there, too.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did she walk in the water with you?

VAN DER SLOOT: We didn’t walk in the water, we walked on the beach the whole time.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK. So you took them off because you didn’t want to get sand in, not because you didn’t want to get them wet.

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes. No, no, no, because I didn’t want to get sand in them.

VAN SUSTEREN: And so it wasn’t the least bit peculiar to you that you left the shoes behind and got in the car?

Aruba Crime Scene

VAN DER SLOOT: Of course — well, of course, it was peculiar, but I mean, it wasn’t like — I didn’t really care about them at that point. I was — it was more (INAUDIBLE) the conversation moment, like, You know, let’s go. Let’s — you know, Let’s go because he was, like, yes, you know, screw her Let’s go home. And I knew if I would have gone back, she would have been, like, again, Let’s go — let’s go back. Let’s stay here — blah, blah, blah.

And at that point, when I called him between that, there was actually a point where I’d picked her to — you know, in a joking way, Like, OK, then I’m going to take you back to your hotel, if you don’t want to go back. And she said, No, put me down. And so I put her down again. And then I was just talking to her, and yes, I explained to her why I had to go home. And she was, Oh, you know, please stay with me. Please stay with me until the next day.

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