Eminent Domain Battles Across The Country


Potter_wonderful_lifeSince the Supreme Court had its landmark decision allowing local governments to take property from private citizens and give it to private developers, there has been an outcry by citizens across the country. The inherent wrongness of taking personal property against the will of the owners to enrich another should strike fear in the hearts of Americans.

As Americans, we never had trouble with Eminent Domain being used to build schools or airports. That is what the law is for. But we have major problems when we have to worry about someone taking our home because a developer tells the politicians he can raise their tax base.

On a sister site, we cover real estate and eminent domain issues. Go take a look and see some of the posts we have done on this hot button issue. Remember, it is up to us to fight the politicians who would take ones property for their own enrichment and power.

This is an important issue for the quality of life of all Americans. Pay attention if you hear that eminent domain is  being used in your area, and let your politicians know you will not stand for these abuses.

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