Aruba’s Most Wanted … Joran Van der Sloot? Nope Greta Van Susteren


All the while we thought the Aruban authorities were hot on the tail of Joran Van der Sloot. We were obviously wrong. What else can possibly go on in what has become a complete farce.

Greta Wanted 1

(Hat Tip: Klaasend)

It is a wonderment that Aruba and the Aruban police do not understand nor comprehend that millions of eyes are upon them as this foolishness continues. All the while, Natalee Holloway remains missing. America watches as they waited ten days to arrest the primary suspects, yet they certainly jumped to attention when it was an American reporter.

We were told late last night by a reporter in Aruba that the police are indeed looking for someone: me! Yes, I am now “wanted” in Aruba… and this is so rich, that I could not think it up. I am just not that clever to make this stuff up.

 As we left, the front door opened of the Kalpoe house opened and, since I was on the house side of the car, I jumped out to go to the door expecting them to let me in as they always have. This is what happened all last summer when we were in Aruba. Like I noted above, I have been invited in the home several times. As I approached the house, the door slammed shut. I called out, “Nadira, Nadira” — Deepak and Satish’s mother’s name — and suddenly very loud yelling came from the other side of the door. This was a reaction I had never received from them before.

(Read more about Aruba’s most wanted)

If this situation was not so serious this would be truly comical. However, I have to admit it was a rather bit funny that they could not find Greta either.

Police also went to the two newspapers to ask that they publish requests for help to locate me. (They should have looked in 2D on US Air!) One paper declined to report the lookout for me, one chose to report it.

Now can they please get back to their business at hand and find Natalee Holloway and bring those responsible to justice.

UPDATE: Search for Greta Continues


Barney Fife

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