Amigoe: Joran van der Sloot tells his ‘truth’. (aka: a new version of Aruba the Truth)


From Amigoe: Sunday 26 February 2006, Joran van der Sloot tells his ‘truth’.

“It is time to tell the truth”, said Joran in the interview.

Well I guess Karen Janssen will be interested to know then that would mean he was lying all summer when he was being questioned. Now its time to tell the truth? Not when it could have made a difference in gaining valuable leads and information in finding Natalee Holloway. The tales Joran Van der Sloot spins makes one wonder exactly what is truth and what is fiction.

He claims he lied in the beginning because he was scared, yet he was not scared to continually tell lies to the interrogators until this interview with the US media? That is believable. Aruba, he belongs to you and your island hangs in the balance as to the perpetual lies he tells and obstructs an investigation. Support him if you will, but there are consequences that go with it. For all those that back him and support Joran; if your life was on the line as to whether he was lying or telling the truth, would you still trust him?

From Amigoe:

ARUBA — Natalee Holloway had drunk some, but was not under the influence of alcohol on the evening of her disappearance. She did say something strange about her mother. “She said that her mother is Hitler’s sister.” This is what Joran van der Sloot, the main suspect in the case of the disappeared girl, said in Primetime on the American TV-station ABC that was broadcasted on Thursday evening.

It’s the first time that the suspect gave a detailed interview. He recently refused to talk to the Aruban and Dutch media. It was also the first time that the Americans could hear the other side of the story.

“It is time to tell the truth”, said Joran in the interview. He admitted that so many lies were told. He said that Natalee had insisted in staying behind on the beach near Fisherman’s Hut. “Looking back, I should have never left her there.” At that moment, after she kept insisting, it didn’t seem wrong to him. The plan was actually to take her to his house, but he didn’t do this, because his brother and father were home. They didn’t have sex on the beach, “because I had no condom in my wallet and I do not have sex without a condom.”

Joran says that Natalee was in control that night. The brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe drove them first to the lighthouse, to ‘see the sharks’, because Holloway wanted that. The plan changed along the way and they were dropped at the beach close to her hotel. They walked to Fisherman’s Hut where Joran left Natalee behind, because he had classes the next morning, but before he left they have cuddled and kissed some.

It was Satish Kalpoe that picked him up and not Deepak as he had told the police in an earlier version. He said that he had convened with Deepak to say that and so leave Deepak’s younger brother out. According to the lawyer of the two brothers, David Kock, none of them had picked Joran up, but Joran said that they are lying and he doesn’t know why. He didn’t comment on the suggestion of the interviewer Chris Cuomo that Satish drove back to the beach after he had dropped Joran home.

At first, the three boys lied to the police saying that they have dropped the girl at her hotel. “I didn’t want my father to know that I have left her behind alone. Besides, I had a girlfriend at that time,” was Joran’s reasons for this lie that Deepak made up. Deepak also made up the lie about Natalee tripping over when she got out of the car and that a security guard had caught her. Joran says that the police believed their story. Before they were arrested, the three boys got together every day to talk to each other. Joran was afraid to tell the truth. His father Paul didn’t know the facts of the case, pointed Joran, who was arrested on the day of his graduation. He said that he was heavily interrogated for many long days and that a police officer had also hit him. “There was an officer that didn’t like me. He hit me in my head off my chair.” Joran couldn’t stand the fact that his father was also arrested.

From everything Holloway had told him, he assumed that the girl had returned to her hotel to meet somebody and would have stayed in Aruba for another day. The girl’s family that immediately came to Aruba in a private plane approached him very aggressively. “They yelled at me. You don’t do that, even though your daughter is missing.” In the citation of the Family Holloway/Twitty that Joran was given in New York, he is being accused of three date-rapes after having put drugs in the drinks. That’s not true, said Joran. I have never done such thing. One thing he hopes, that the case is solved. I won’t be cleared if the case is not solved.

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