Michael Posner Upset over Excelsior casino Security Tapes to ABC


Add just a couple more strange circumstances in to the mix to the ABC Prime TimeCasino Natalee gambling interview with Joran Van der Sloot. It was reported that Joran, Natalee Holloway and other Mountain Brook students were at a black jack table in the Excelsior casino. This was presented in exclusive security film footage provided to ABC by an anonymous source.

It has been reported in the past that Michael Posner runs the casino operations and his past ties to organized crime. However, ABC affiliate out of Chicago is once again reporting the same news: Aruban casino boss had ties to Chicago mob, Missing Alabama teen last seen at casino. This is a little bit misleading as Carlos N’ Charlie’s was actually the last place that Natalee Holloway was ever seen. However, they do go into detail of Posner’s past affiliations and the fact that the Aruban government still saw fit to have him run and manage the gaming operations at The Excelsior. Excelsior

Authorities on the island of Aruba have not been able to solve the mystery of what happened to Alabama teenager Natalie Holloway. She disappeared while on a high school trip last spring. The ABC7 I-Team has learned new details about the casino where Holloway was last seen, an Aruba casino run by a convicted high-ranking Chicago mobster.

However, through his attorney Posner states that he has been clean for quite some time and that he was not in Aruba at the time of the disappearance. Posner also claims he does not know Van der Sloot or ever giving him credit.

Casino boss Michael Posner denies that he knows van der Sloot and denies ever extending him casino credit. Posner’s lawyer Allan Ackerman says Posner was in Chicago when Holloway vanished and returned to Aruba the day after.

Adding more intrigue to the mix is the fact that Posner is furious that security tapes from The Excelsior that he volunteered to the ALE for the Natalee Holloway investigation wound up in the hands of ABC. Posner, according to his attorney is looking into legal action to whoever turned it over to ABC. Nothing like evidence from private surveillance videos given to the ALE showing up in the media. How does evidence make it into the hands of the media? Maybe the ALE would like to share the statements as well from the three suspects with the MSM for all of us to see as well?

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