Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Missing Girl Adrianne Delaney Found in Aruba


Adrianne Delaney, a student at Massasoit College in Brockton, MA was last seenAdrianne Delaney early Saturday morning, February 18. Her vehicle was just recently found and now so has she. Just when things cannot seem to get any stranger we get a reverse missing persons story out of Aruba.

Plympton Police notified the media this morning that 19 year old Adrianne Delaney has been located in Aruba. Yes, that is correct, Aruba.

Ms. Delaney has left the area on a recent flight out of Boston to Aruba. Police have confirmed that Ms. Delaney did in fact purchase a ticket and appears to be traveling alone. Although at this time it appears she is acting on her own free will, the Plympton Police continue to actively interview individuals familiar with her situation and will be working with Federal officials to locate and interview Ms. Delaney. Ms. Delaney has previously visited the Island and has acquaintances there.”

(Kingston Observer)

Talk about your strange coincidence with Aruba being in the focal point with the Natalee Holloway disappearance. Wonder who her acquaintences are down there and why she would do such a thing? Also wonder if this was a purchased same day ticket or done in advance. A same day ticket to Aruba could not be cheap.

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