Dave Holloway’s Book … Aruba : The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise


It has been known from some time that Dave Holloway was in the process of writing a book about his daughter, Natalie Holloway. Daves book

    • Aruba : The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise
    • Authors: Dave Holloway; R. Stephanie Good; Larry Garrison
    • Publisher: Nelson
    • Current Price: $17.15 (US)

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    What was not known was the manner in how this book would help others and others missing children. Many had criticized Dave Holloway for writing a book. Others said he was strictly doing it for the money and profiting by it. All of course were wrong.

    I had been waiting for the OK from Dave to reference the non-profit foundation that was being set up called The Natalie Foundation for Missing Persons. It was mentioned briefly last night of the Rita Cosby Show by Larry Garrison

    I also want to let you know, on the book that I wrote with R. Stephanie Good and Dave Holloway, that we created a foundation, the Natalie Holloway Foundation for Missing Persons, and to also continue the search for Natalie.

    The following is a note I received from Dave Holloway regarding the non-profit that is being set up in Natalie’s name and to honor and memorialized Natalie Holloway.

    Our family has received tremendous support from our church, community, and thousands of caring individuals all over the US and the world! When people help you in a crisis situation, you then want to return assistance and help others who may have a similar experience. The book will help us achieve this goal.

    I was approached by a number of authors who began to write a book about Natalie’s story. I initially turned down these offers, however, it became obvious to me that someone was going to write a book about Natalee’s story. I would not be able to control the input and content that was being written about Natalee and the circumstances regarding her disappearance. At that point, the decision was not about whether or not a book would be written, but rather, Would it be written “with” OR “without” my input and control?

    The proceeds of the book will be used for the continued search for Natalee. A portion with go to The Natalee Holloway Foundation and to other charitable causes. Our filing for non-profit status will occur in the near future.

     Thanks Dave

    A noble and honorable cause from a good man.

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