ABC Aruban Bombshell, As Predicted an ABC Dud.


As predicted the ABC bombshell was nothing more than a pathetic fizzle. Video Casino Natalee gamblingobtained from the casino where Natalee and her friends were playing poker? Bombshell? ABC, are you that hard up for ratings? ABC has not not covered this story basically since Beth Twitty left Aruba this summer. First we got the GMA sellout interview a couple of weeks ago agreeing not to ask the Van der Sloots any difficult questions in order to gain the interview and now this.

Now we get this bombshell interview complete with a video. Oh boy. So they are playing cards in a casino at the same table with two people separating them. I keep asking myself, how is this new or a bombshell? We already knew this.

Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teen who disappeared last May on a Excelsio 2school trip to Aruba, sat at a blackjack table with Joran van der Sloot in a casino the night she disappeared, according to a videotape obtained exclusively by ABC News from a confidential source.

Joran Van der Sloot went to the the Excelsior Casino to play a free poker tournament as he states:

I sat down there and within five minutes, there was a group of girls from the Mountain Brook School that came up to me and sat down next to me and they wanted to play as well,”

They’d already been drinking that day and had drinks with them. We played blackjack for a while, and I told them whether or not to hit.”

The nerve of these girls. They are on vacation in Aruba and they are gambling andExcelsior drinking? How dare they. You mean they might have actually been sociable with you as well? Where is the part that you said you were a foreign exchange student staying in the hotel? What the video does show is an underage 17 year old Joran Van der Sloot gambling in a casino where the legal age in Aruba is 18. Is the bombshell, ABC? The Excelsior Casino allows under age gambling. Why don’t you make that your Prime Time show?

A few casinos in Aruba are open 24 hours a day. In general, opening hours are 11 a.m. for slots and 1 p.m. through early morning for table games. Hours vary seasonally, so please check before making plans. No one under 18 is allowed in the casinos.

So I guess one could say that if the Holiday Inn and The Excelsior Casino actually followed the laws of the island of Aruba, Joran Van der Sloot and Natalee Holloway would never have met. If they did not meet in the casino, Joran would never have known that they were going to Carlos & Charlie’s on Sunday. Joran would not have felt the need to sneak out of his parents house without their permission and go to Carlos & Charlie’s where ultimately Natalee Holloway would get into the car with Joran, Deepak and Satish; never to be seen again. ABC, there is your story.

Last night on Rita Cosby, Larry Garrison, the individual who arranged the Van der Sloots to come to NY to do the GMA and Prime Time shows stated that unfortunately they were nothing more than Van der Sloot damage control. John Q. Kelly on Greta Van Susteren stated this was “misleading and cruel”. ABC, what is the point? Very few thought they would be anything but this.

ABC has decided to do a one sided piece that basically is anti-victim. However, in ABC’s mind somehow they think that Joran Van der Sloot is the victim in all of this.

Van der Sloot said he had been “portrayed unfairly” by the media. “I’ve been portrayed as a murderer and a rapist and everything that I’m not,” he said.

You were one of three people every to be last seen with Natalee Holloway. You lied to your parents in that you snuck out of your room and went to Carlos & Charlie’s. You lied and said that you brought Natalee Holloway back to the Holiday Inn. You have conveniently changed your story so many times whenever you find out that the story you told does not fit the known facts. First you got a ride from the beach from Satish, then you walked home and now you are back to getting a ride from Satish. A girl who is missing you have stated in interviews that somehow it was her fault you were with her and that she was pushy. Natalee Holloway does not even have the ability to defend herself, yet you are allowed to lie and game the system. It is not just the American people that think ill of you, read what David Kock, the Kalpoe’s attorney has to say.

KOCK: Yes, well, you know what it is? The problem is that he (Joran) was confronted with a phone call that he made from his cellular to the cellular of one of my clients, so then he had to give a justification for that. Since that cellular number was Deepak’s cellular number, he first indicated that he called Deepak to have Deepak pick him up. Afterwards, the police confronted him with proof that Deepak was at home at that time on his computer, because Internet records show that. So then he had to change his story, and since he said, I made the call to that house, he had to give another, you know, solution for the fact that the call was made and somebody picked him up. So, you know, then the other likely person was then Satish. It was more a matter of elimination, really.

All in all the ABC bombshell was yet another feeble excuse for an interview. All hype and no substance. Nothing new was learned at all. Once again the ABC interview was like eating Chinese food. An hour later, in this case mere minutes, we were hungry for more.

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