Is there a New Witness knows where Natalee is Buried?


Is there a witness that knows where Natalee Holloway is buried? According to a Dutch article at AD Binnenland there is, “Nieuwe getuige kent graf Natalee”. It appears that witnesses have come forward and have discussed what they know with Chief Gerold Dompig. The article is translated below.

New witness knows where Natalee is buried

ORANJESTAD – The man cried on the telephone and said that he could not live further with what he knew. Five new witnesses have come forward in the matter of the disappearance Natalee Holloway on Aruba. The police investigation aims especially at the anonymous call from a man who has said that he knew that Natalee Holloway was buried and also approximately where. Chief Dompig has confirmed that. “We do not doubt the truth of this call, because it was clear that he was upset from a guilty conscience.” The man, who called from a foreign country but spoke in papiamento, cried to the telephone and told that he could not live further with what he knew.

Another witness has given a statement concerning three suspects which have been considered as the last with Natalee Holloway in the night of her disappearance. It concerns Joran Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers. Chief Dompig is certain that Holloway died during the trip with these three and afterwards was buried. He believes they were aided by others. As a result of the depositions the police force starts within two weeks with bloodhounds from the Netherlands and earlier not yet used ground radar equipment a search operation in the area where Holloway was last seen. The police force expects at the grave of Holloway to also find the tennis shoes of Joran. He has explained during interrogation that he left his shoes behind and walked home.

(This is a rough translation through on-line translator and others.)
(Hat Tip: Henk for the email (2/17/06 7:56pm) & Klaas (2/18/06 1:15am)

The rest of the translation to following regarding Joran and Paul Van der Sloot in the US.

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