Dompig Says No To Texas EquuSearch’s Plan to Search Dunes

According to sources Texas EquuSearch has been trying to get permission to searchSand dunes the area of the sand dunes prior to any costly deep water search. Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch a long with Tim Whittaker have already been given Aruba’s blessing to conduct a search of the water. However, one would assume that searches would be done of the sand dunes first where there was supposed information from a credible witness.

A search of the water is much more costly and common sense would say that since there was a lead to search the dunes, they should be done first. Originally the FBI was going to help search them with radar equipment and cadaver dogs. However, that ended when Aruba would not divulged where the tip came from.

According to sources, Tim Miller has offered to search the dunes bringing in their own highly sophisticated ground penetration units at no cost to the Aruban people or government. Aruba has cited in the past that much of its budget has gone toward the Natalee Holloway investigation.

“The Arubans assured us the case is going forward with 14 investigators presently assigned. They also advised us that 40 percent of their annual law enforcement budget has been spent on this case.

There was a supposed credible witness with a tip to search the sand dunes, TES is offering to get the job done immediately and either find Natalee or rule out the area and do the search of the water if still necessary. All at no cost to Aruba. Sources say, their offer denied.

Why? With the Aruban PR nightmare that is the Natalee Holloway investigation, who turns down free help and the appearance of the US and Aruba working together for a common goal? Especially when there is a credible lead.

Joran Van Der Sloot going “On The Record.” Keep talking Joran, keep talking…

Greta Van Susteren gets an unedited interview with Joran Van Der Sloot. Joran is becoming the gift that keeps on giving. Greta

We just got back from a very quick trip to Aruba. We got word late last week (Friday?) that Joran van der Sloot would sit down for an interview with us in Aruba.

The one agreement: that we wouldn’t edit it.

Joran also did not want to do the interview in the United States, so we agreed on Aruba

Greta doing an interview with Joran like a deposition, this might be interesting. Greta, who has been at this case from the outset questioning Joran, Greta being a lawyer to boot. This is a must see. What defies logic is the fact that Joran Van der Sloot when doing the ABC interview did not listen to his parents advice. They asked Joran not to do the interview and he did not listen. With respect to the Greta interview, “Joran said he did not want his parents in the room.” Instead he wanted his teacher who made a most peculiar comment and request of Greta. Strange indeed.

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More Head Shaking Stories about the Missing and Exploited

Adrienne Raymond, Sheridan High School teacher accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old male student is Fired

Take a look at what her favorite memory is from Sheriden High School from the school’s web page … when the students “get it” and think what “is it” is cool.

Disney Workers Accused of Gang Raping Fellow Disney Worker

The woman, who is part of the Disney College Program, told police that she was walking home to her apartment in Orange County, Fla., when four men confronted her and then grabbed her.

Williston, VT Woman Christina Boutin missing since Friday

Canadian Couple, Domenic & Annunziata Ianiero, Murdered at Mexican Resort

Here is a bizarre story out of with many ramifications prior to Spring Break in Mexico.

“The killers knew what they were doing when they arrived,” Bello Melchor Rodriguez, chief investigator with the Mexican federal police, told the Star in an interview yesterday. “They probably bought a vacation package to do this and left that day.”

(Read the full story at The Travel Bloggers)

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Joran Van der Sloots Many Stories; Koen’s fathers Boat? One of the Many.

There have been so many stories told by Joran Van der Sloot, lets not forget this one.  Joran reportedly mentioned Koen’s father’s boat in a statement in early June.  Beth Twitty has also indicated that there had been activity with this boat on the night of May 30. Both Dave Holloway and Beth Twitty had asked for Dompig to interview him. Koen Gottenbos is said to be one of Joran’s close friends.  (Hat Tip for many of the photo’s to Bonsai and analysis)

SM Koen's Family Residence and Boat

Koen’s Family Residence and Boat

Koen Gottenbos is said to be one of Joran’s close friends.  His family owns a home in a very nice neighborhood, close to both the Tierra Del Sol Golf Course and

Malmok Beach. The home is currently for sale.Koen boat

Joran reportedly mentioned Koen’s father’s boat in a statement in early June.  Beth had indicated that there had been activity with this boat on the night of May 30.  The boat is of a size that would be easy to launch at a number of beaches. The vehicle in the photo is the same vehicle as shown in photos last fall…



SM Overview of Malmok and Racquet Club areas

Overview of Malmok and Aruba Racquet Club Areas


SM Pond near Koen's Home

Pond as seen near Koen’s Home

View of sizable pond just south and west of the Gottenbos residence.  This is one minute away from the Gottenbos residence.

SM Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach is just a short distance from the Gottenbos residence.  It is within walking distance or just a couple of minutes by car.   Malmok Beach is only a few minutes drive from the California Lighthouse and California Sand Dunes area.  The Malmok area is popular with commercial snorkeling boats.


Ariel view of Malmok Beach

(Ariel view of Malmok Beach – from


SM Entrance to Aruba Racquet Club


Entrance to Aruba Racquet Club

The Aruba Racquet Club is in the Westpunt area, which is south of the Tierra Del Sol Golf course. It is rumored to have been a site visited the night Natalee disappeared.  The Racquet Club is approximately a 10 minute drive from the VDS home, and approximately a 5 minute drive from the Koen residence.


SM Pond near Aruba Racquet Club


Pond near Aruba Racquet Club

The “Gardener” witness reportedly had seen Joran and the Kalpoe brothers near this pond.  There were reports of this witness indicating that these suspects had put something in the pond.  The pond was partially drained in July, 2005 (never fully drained as water kept seeping back in)


Pond 2 - Club

Pond 3 Club








Pond 6 Club


SM Landscape near Aruba Racquet Club


Landscape near Aruba Racquet Club


Pond 2 drained

Pond 4 drained









Pond 3 drained

Pond near Aruba Racquet Club drained over the summer, (July/Aug 2005)



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