FBI not bringing Search Dogs to Aruba


The roller-coaster ride that is the Natalee Holloway investigation continues. As reported last night on Rita Cosby, ‘Live & Direct’, in an interview with Beth Twitty and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch; the FBI is refusing to send cadaver dogs to Aruban to help in the latest search of the sand dunes.

The reason for the FBI refuses because the Aruban police won’t say who tipped them off to start searching the dune two weeks ago“.

Rita asked Beth how outraged are you that the Aruban police won’t even give it to authorities this is the FBI. Rita I just don’t get it why won’t they seek out their help I mean just disclose who these witnesses are that have come forward and you know let’s do a coordinated search effort I mean the sand dunes they attempted this search what was it now two week ago Rita and it’s obviously that they cannot do it without some help so for the life of me I don’t have any idea why. Rita said outrageous not to share the information especially with the authorities
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What is most odd is the fact that just recently on another Caribbean island there was a request for FBI aid where it appears much information was discussed between local authorities and the FBI. The result, the missing person was found and a goal realized. The FBI helped local authorities in the finding of Balram Maharaj in Trinidad. Following the discovery of information from a lead, the local authorities a long with the FBI searched for the missing individual.

Is it astonishing or par for the course that the Aruban police would eventually find a way to put up a road block to this? Every time there is a promise, a hand shake or a nod to advance this case and investigation something always seems to come up. Previously Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch had offered search equipment free of charge to the ALE, Dompig’s response was that he will get back to him.

Information, leads, evidence, etc has supposedly already been shared with the FBI and the ALE. Presently, the FBI & ALE are supposed to be questioning some of the Mountain Brook, AL teens that were on the trip to Aruba with Natalee. All of that information can be shared; however, the individual who provided the lead to search the sand dunes cannot? Information to the FBI, not to the family even?

Aruba wonders why people think there is a cover up and why they find themselves in the position they presently do? Add another false promise of action to the long list of the Natalee Holloway investigation. Didn’t Steven Cohen say on national TV, “I regret the roller coaster of December?”

I think it was a mistake. I don’t think our expectations were that it was going to yield that much, but I really do regret it. The last thing we want to do is be part of any of the emotional trauma that you’ve experienced up to this point.”

Mr. Cohen, looks like you may need a January apology as well. All over the allowing of FBI cadaver dogs to search. Since FBI dogs have already been in Aruba doing searches, what’s the difference this time?

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