Bloggers Offered (and accept) Netherlands Travel for Advertising Space


Why does Holland always seem to be in the mix?

BlogAds founder and the Netherlands Board of Tourism came up with an interesting trade out for advertising. They are providing a free junket to the bloggers in return for advertising space on their sites are getting a free trip to the Netherlands.

We are never ones to tell others how to run their blogs and whether individuals accept this offer is their own decision. This type of practice has occurred in the media for years; however, the difference being is that Blog owners and reporters/writers/editorialist are usually in in the same.

All we do have to say is, and we take garbage from others for having the ads we do to cover costs? We will say this to those out there that have complained ridiculously over the use of blogads to cover costs of a Blog and time spent, where the hell are your comments on this? Blogads that we use being created contextually, might we add. It would seem that taking such an offer would create a conflict in how one would blog on Holland. The perception of favoritism for being “pampered by people with an agenda” would seem evident.

Bloggers of all stripes love to bloviate these days about public officials who accepted money or luxurious treatment from corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff in his attempt to curry government favor for his clients. But that doesn’t mean bloggers are above accepting pampering by people with an agenda.

(Read the full story at The Travel Bloggers, it is rather eye opening)

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