Fireworks in Aruba? And it’s Not Even the 4th of July


Karen Janssen had made comments that there could be “some fireworks” at the end of the month. Dave Holloway these days after the nearly eight month roller coaster ride called the ALE and the Natalee Holloway investigation says he looks at such comments as “cautiously optimistic.”

Dave Holloway said some encouraging evidence in the search for his missing daughter, Natalee, may surface by the end of the month – but he isn’t getting his hopes up.

“Not like I used to,” Holloway said in a telephone interview Wednesday evening. “After 10 or 12 false leads, you tend to be cautiously optimistic.”

The case’s prosecutor has reported that there could be “some fireworks” at the end of the month, Holloway said, but the official did not indicate why. Holloway said it might be related to a new search of the sand dunes around the beach where Natalee was last seen before she disappeared last May.

One really has to wonder why such statements are even made? With less than a week to go in January, the fire works clock is ticking. One would think at this point with all the retractions of “something bad happened”, that maybe Aruban officials would just produce some results instead of saying they will and building up false hope.

In an interview with The Meridian Star, Dave Holloway was quick to point out some of the myths and untruths that were being printed in the tabloids of late.

Finally, the checkout-line tabloids have had a steady stream of stories on Natalee since her disappearance, but Holloway pays them no mind.

“None of them are true,” he said. “I’ve read the last three I’ve seen, and I can tell you I’ve never talked to a psychic or busted into a club.”

For all the false hope, dead end leads and retracted comments out of Aruba it would be rather difficult to believe that fireworks would occur in late January. It would be welcome news, but then again so was the thought that the three suspects would be brought back in for questioning. The roller coaster ride for Dave, Beth and both families is just terrible. Let’s hope this comment from Aruba isn’t just another case, “of the boy who cried fireworks”.

(Meridian Star article)

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