FBI and Aruban Police coming to question Mountain Brook Teens in Natalee Holloway Disappearance


Aruban police and the FBI will conduct volunteer interviews with some of Natalee Holloway’s friends that were with her on their trip to Aruba. Some twenty-one Mountain Brook teens will be questioned. Gerold Dompig, ALE, said his team had a “wish list” of 21 people to interview. Interestingly enough, it appears that his “wish list” is more cooperative than the three suspects were in refusing to come in to the ALE for a volunteer questioning. After all the derogatory comments made toward the MB teens by Steve Cohen and others, who seems to be cooperative and who is not?

“We also are able to finally talk to some of the Alabama teens who left on that plane and did not wait around for interrogation,” said Cohen.

Many wonder whether the three suspects are on Dompig’s or even Cohen’s wish list as well?

Two Aruban police investigators were en route to Alabama on Monday and plan to spend the next week to 10 days interviewing 21 friends of missing Mountain Brook teen Natalee Holloway.

At the same time, another team was visiting the FBI regional headquarters in Barbados to look at documents in the case, and ground searches could start up again in the next few days, Aruba Deputy Police Chief Gerold Dompig said Monday.

Dompig said his team had a “wish list” of 21 people to interview. He would not say if any of the adults who were on the trip are included in that list.

Although many on the list are in the state, others may be away at school. Dompig said the team is even considering flying some potential interviewees back to Birmingham.
(Birmingham News)

(NBC 13): Aruban Investigators Travel To Conduct Interviews In Birmingham

According to the FBI, Aruban investigators will arrive in Alabama on Monday night.

This will be the first visit by Aruban investigators to Birmingham. The investigators will be questioning people who were with Natalee Holloway the night she disappeared in Aruba.

FBI spokesman Ray Zicarelli said Monday that the Aruban police will be accompanied by FBI agents during the talks. The interviews are expected to last several days.

According to AL Representative Bachus,

“They need to tie up loose ends and they need to go over the final hours that Natalee was there,” “They wanted to come back and go over some testimony and statements they had, just to double check. When you go to trial, the defendants are going to try and cast blame elsewhere.”

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