Canadian Election Results … Update: CONSERVATIVES WIN


For all the Canadian Election results go to the Canadian Election 2006 Blog. USCanada

Great links to election news and results. Check out our friends to the North and what may be a phenomenal and important change in Canadian politics and North American relations between The Maple Leaf and the Bald Eagle.

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UPDATE: Polls Predict Conservative Win in Canada

According to early results after polls closed in far eastern Canada, the Canadian Press news agency reported that the Liberal Party won two seats in Newfoundland and was ahead in two more of the province’s seven seats.

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(155 seats needed for majority)

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UPDATE:  OH CANADA!!!       

Canadians elect a Conservative minority

Canadians awarded Conservative Leader Stephen Harper with a Canadaminority government Monday, putting an end to more than 12 years of Liberal rule.

Polls across the country are now closed and results are pouring in.

As of 12:10 a.m. ET, the Conservatives were in a commanding lead with 125 seats, compared to 102 for the second place Liberals.

But prime minister designate Harper will be denied the 155 seats he will need to lead a Tory majority.

Washington Post: Canadians Move Right, Elect New Leadership

Canadian voters, saying they were fed up with financial scandals and Canada conserready for a change, ended the 12-year run of the ruling Liberal Party on Monday, ousting Prime Minister Paul Martin in favor of a Conservative Party likely to steer a path closer to the United States.

Nearly complete returns in the national election gave a strong victory to Conservative leader Stephen Harper, 46, a political strategist from western Canada who jokes about being dull. He shrugged off Martin’s accusations that he is too cozy with U.S. conservatives for liberal-leaning Canada, the same accusations that crippled his candidacy in 2004.

CNN: BREAKING NEWS Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin concedes election to Conservative challenger, ending 12 years of Liberal rule.

Toronto Star: Harper wins, Martin says he’ll step down

Tory Leader Harper scored a victory because of strong, long-sought gains in Ontario and a Liberal collapse of historic proportions in Quebec.

But he was denied a majority government, meaning his administration will be far tamer than the mighty Liberal and Tory majorities of the last 20 years. With just over 120 seats, Harper will have to rely on the support of at least one opposition party to survive in the 308-seat House of Commons, and every piece of legislation may have to be negotiated.

The Liberals managed to avoid a rout, holding on to just over 100 seats down from the 133 they won in the 2004 election.

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    1. Kimberly on September 28th, 2006 2:37 pm

      The Government Should Re-elect.. and Allow the Importation of Small non endangered Primates…
      I was informed i could have one imported to Canada from the US a few months ago only to be told recently that i couldn’t…
      Canadians do not have their own sources to just supply themselves with thier own pets.. Pets are the highest thing to be imported from the US..
      I was Planning on Being a Canadian Breeder… to Brred only For Candians… Now how am i going to help my Fellow Canadains..
      Pls get the Government to Change this Law… it wasn’t very well thought out…

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