Canadian Election: Harper May Lead Canada’s Conservative Party to its first Victory in 18 years


Voting ‘brisk’ as weather holds across Canada

Today’s elections of of friends of the North could mark a historic event. The Canadian Conservative Part has not had an election victory in 18 years. Due to the corruption Harperwithin the Liberal Party, Prime Minister Paul Martin seems all but done. All of the polls leading up to the election have the Conservative Party ahead. A victory by Harper can only mean a better US-Canadian relatiobship; they way that it should be with our friends to the north.

Stephen Harper may lead Canada’s Conservative Party to its first election victory in 18 years today, as polls show voters are ready to oust Prime Minister Paul Martin over corruption within his Liberal Party.

The polls indicate Harper is close to the 40 percent support generally needed to win 155 seats in the House of Commons and form a majority government. That would end the parliamentary stalemate that fueled the fastest spending increase in two decades under Martin, 67, who sought support from opposition parties to keep his minority government in power.

“The Liberals are being blown out of the water,” said Nelson Wiseman, a professor at the University of Toronto. “The only thing we’re discussing now is whether the Conservatives are going to form a majority or a minority.”

A victory of the Conservative Party should spell a better relationship with Canada than has existed lately with the Liberals in power.

Harper also favors cutting taxes for corporations, would allow domestic banks to merge under certain conditions and supports lifting foreign ownership limits in industries such as telecommunications. The party has highlighted a 2 percentage point cut in the federal sales tax as its “priority” on economic issues, and pledged to scrap capital gains taxes. (Bloomberg)

Harper appears confident, at ease

The Conservative leader and election front-runner said he’s excited about Monday’s vote but willing to accept whatever verdict Canadians deliver when they head to the polls.

Harper said the Liberals failed to give Canadians “any kind of coherent reason” why they deserved to be re-elected, and described Jack Layton’s campaign efforts as “honourable” when asked if he’d be able to work with the New Democrat leader.

“Obviously I don’t agree with a lot of those things, but I think he’s clear on where he stands.”

Harper said he shares common ground with Layton in that both leaders have been calling for more ethical and open government.

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AP: Polls Open in Canada

OTTAWA – Canadians on Monday decided whether to send their Liberal Party packing after 13 years and give the Conservatives a shot at repairing relations with Washington and tackling health care, tax cuts, childcare and crime.

Voting began in eastern Canada where the first stations opened amid unseasonably mild winter weather, with final opinion polls indicating Canadians were ready for changes despite fears that Conservative leader Stephen Harper is too extreme in his views opposing abortion and gay marriage to become prime minister

Canada Conservative seen winning Monday election

Canadians set for political change

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