Steve Cohen, “Two of the boys said they had consensual sex with her”. REALLY?


In an interview with Travel Video TV, Steve Cohen (Consultant to the Aruban Government) made some rather peculiar and enlightening statements in an attempt to paint Aruba in a brighter light in hopes of stemming the decline of tourism. In a article  designed to help the Aruban tourism from its disastrous decline, Steve Cohen makes a couple of comments that seem to shed some light on some rather debated issues.

This, according to SMDG Consulting Team chairman Stephen Cohen, adviser to the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) and the Aruba Strategic Communications Task Force who spoke at the Caribbean Marketplace being held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cohen’s team is tasked with bringing out the facts in the case and establishing a more orderly approach in dealing with the media in a crisis situation. A seasoned television news expert from CBS, Cohen has been part of the SMDG team since the beginning of the investigations

One can speculate as defining this Task Force’s role as bringing out the facts or spining the facts for Aruba’s advantage. This Task Force and Steve Cohen do report to the Aruban government. It was not all that long ago we were told by Steve Cohen the following “facts in the case”. We all now know how that turned out.

It is expected that he will be re-questioned somewhere in the next 10-day period. I doubt that they will bring him back for questioning immediately, but it will be in that period. And also, it is expected the Kalpoes will also be brought in for questioning.

Now after seven months of searching the island from the landfill to the ocean and all parts in-between, Aruban investigators are mounting a search of the California Light House area. Steve Cohen would also make such snide comments as the Mountain Brook teens did not wait around for interrogation”? Do you in Aruba actually contemplate why people are boycotting your island or just refuse by choice not to go? Maybe its because of such ongoing comments? If the Aruban authorities actually took this case seriously from the outset, they would not have allowed anyone to leave Aruba prior to being questioned.

 If current findings are true, Cohen said they are going to accelerate their efforts. Extensive search for forensic evidence continues. Yesterday, 50 members of the Aruban police department searched extensively through the dune by the lighthouse in search for clues. “Anything DNA that is identified to be of Natalee’s will allow us to bring a strong case forward against the three boys. We are also getting to finally talk to some of the Alabama teens who left on that plane and did not wait around for interrogation,” said Cohen.

Steve Cohen further goes on to continue to blame the victim asking that the most important thing is to understand Natalee’s mental state at the time of her disappearance. That’s curious, most people think that its most important to find those that committed a criminal act against her, as the Prosecutors Office has previously stated.

Aruba believes it is most important to get a hold of her mental state and most importantly, Natalee’s physical state at the time of disappearance.

Now comes the most interesting comment and admission by Steve Cohen. Cohen stated that two of the boys had sex with Natalee. REALLY? Although Steve Cohen claims it be consensual, when have the boys publically come out and stated that they admitted to having sex with Natalee? For months people have debated and stated that Beth Twitty was lying that the three suspects had sex with Natalee. Hasn’t the entire debate about the Deepak Tapes been about whether he said, “we did or did not have sex with her?” Now Steve Cohen, consultant to the Aruban government puts it on record that they did have sex with Natalee. Why has anyone wasted any time regarding the tapes as to Deepak’s comments? Seems to be the point is moot. I guess we all now know the answer now.

“Two of the boys said they had consensual sex with her. Whether consensual or not, depends on her ability to be conscious and make a choice,” said Cohen.

Does Steve Cohen care to share anymore findings that he is aware of and level with the American people? Actually Steve, you are wrong. It is possible for someone to be raped without being drunk or drugged, it just usually helps the perpretrators comitt the crime easier. Earth to Steve Cohen and Aruba, in a case of rape and choice … No means no. We can only hope that Aruban officials will finally focus in a direction that leads to the conclusion of this matter and closure for all.

(Read the full article from Travel Video TV)



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