Bon Dia: Paul van der Sloot will now work as a lawyer in the office of Mr. Carlo


Bon Dia Aruba; January 6, 2006 (Translated news article)

He threatened case against Public Prosecutor if he did not obtain good conduct document
Paul van der Sloot will now work as a lawyer

Just when you thought you heard of everything in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway comes this article in Bob Dia Aruba.

A Bon Dia investigation demonstrates that Mr. Paul van der Sloot chose to stay in Aruba and that he wants to continue working as a lawyer given that he did not completely achieve his judgeship studies. There is a rumor circulating that Mr. Paul van der Sloot will work in the office of Mr. Carlo. Bon Dia Aruba called Mr. Carlo’s office for more information, but he couldn’t be located.

The office of Attorney Antonio Carlo who represents Joran Van der Sloot? Please tell us it is not the one and the same one.

Antonio Carlo, an attorney for the Dutch minor, told the AP: “My client maintains his innocence.” He said the boy would appear before a judge at 2 p.m. EDT.

Carlo refused to comment on the alleged admission.

I truly hope that this is either a rumor or just a bad joke. The ethical and improper nature of a “conflict of interest” aside; does anyone on Aruba have a concept of what positive PR is? Who is advising these people? Do Arubans understand what this looks like to the many who already have an issue with the perceptions of a cover up and quit pro quo in the Natalee Holloway investigation? This continual type of behavior and brazen actions will only cause people who ride the fence to and become appalled and boycott Aruba.

One wonders at what point the Hotel & Tourism people as well as the Aruban government, if not the Aruban people do not begin to grow weary and tired of these actions from the Van der Sloots. It is not the Holloway’s or Twitty’s that are creating this new news cycle of events. Seems that Paul Van der Sloot does not want this story to go away. It is not Natalee’s family, the MSM or the blogs that are to blame here. Aruba, this seems to be one of your own.

It is incomprehensible that in the midst of the initial stages of a boycott, an obvious decline in Aruban tourism and Aruba’s claim that they are investigating this case … Paulus Van der Sloot and his sons attorney think that this is a wise move. I wonder what Steve Cohen has to say? I mean, does Aruba want to be boycotted? These type of in your face actions are nothing more than an invitation.

All such callous and insulting actions will do, is cause more US states to boycott and Americans to not go to Aruba. No one wants this to happen, but what is Aruba doing to even mitigate their damages? How is anyone supposed to be responsible for what happens when such actions are tolerated and condoned? Its one thing to get away with something, its another to be so arrogant to think you can smear people’s face in it. It is truly amazing that after seven months of an investigation and many Americans wondering why Paulus is not still a suspect let alone his property 100% searched; Paulus Van der Sloot is going to be hired as an attorney to to firm that represents his son. “One Happy Island”.

The full translations can be seen here.

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