Attorney Carlo did not react on invitation to his client from Public Prosecutor


Diario; January 3, 2006

segun Prensa Mericano, ABOGADO CARLO NO A REACCIONA RIBA INVITACION DI MINISTERIO PUBLICO, PA CU SU CLIENTE, Ministerio Publico a invita Joran van der sloot pa duna un declaracion boluntario

According to American press
Attorney Carlo did not react on invitation to his client from Public Prosecutor Public Prosecutor invited Joran van der Sloot to give a voluntary declaration

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Given that the case of Natalee Holloway turned out to be one of the top stories of 2005 in the U.S., the media continues to follow the case, where the interviewed different people to maintain the story of the disappearance of the young American alive.

Recently, on one of the TV programs in the US, Natalie’s aunt [s/b stepmother], Robin Holloway, was interviewed, and she said that she spoke with Karen Janssen on the telephone, who said that the intention was not to force the suspects to be interrogated, but for them to come in voluntarily.

Robin Holloway declared that she felt that the conversation with Karen Janssen went well, and was very informative, which contradicts the impression that Beth Twitty has of Karin Janssen.

On the same program, they interviewed Joran van der Sloot’s attorney, Antonio Carlo, who confirmed that the judge’s verdict, at the moment where the suspects were set free, was such that they could not be forced to come give a declaration again.

They can simply be invited to voluntarily give a declaration.

The lawyer also said that he doesn’t have a list of questions from the Public Prosecutor’s Office for his client, however, the Public Prosecutor sent a letter to the lawyer, to invite Joran to give a voluntary declaration. Carlo said that he hasn’t reacted to the letter.

(Full translation; Hat Tip: GetaGrip)

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