Other Missing Persons in the News


Police Searching for 27 year old Jason Iannazzi and 14 year old Cheynne DeCicco

Police are searching for 27-year-old Jason Iannazzi of Watertown, MA 14-year-old Cheynne DeCicco of Brea, CA. Her parents reported her missing earlier this month. Where did they meet? The Internet of course. When will these stories stop?

(full story)

Lakewood police looking for owner of abandoned boat in the Adre-Anna Jackson disappearance

Police are looking for the owner of an abandoned boat last week at a public dock on American Lake. Police are trying to determine whether the boat has any relevance to the disappearance of Adre-Anna Jackson.
(More and pictute of boat)

Wreckage from George F. Baker III ‘s plane washes ashore Nantucket

A three-by-five-foot piece of the top of Baker’s plane, which was discovered in the surf off Maddequecham, and some smaller debris including pieces of the aircraft’s seats was recovered.

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    1. Ben Dover on September 5th, 2008 3:04 pm

      ithink he is stuipid i heard he got sent back.

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