Diario: If a new investigative team comes in, it’ll take a lot of time for them to go over everything in the investigation


Diario: December 13, 2005; SI BIN UN TEAM DI INVESTIGADOR NOBO, LOZandam TUMA MUCHO TEMPO PA NAN REPASA TUR COS DI E INVESTIGACION, Esaki segun Eric Zaandam, pa loke ta peticion di Beth Twitty, cu ta un locura

If a new investigative team comes in, it will take a lot of time for them to go over everything in the investigation, According to Eric Zaandam, in regards to Beth Twitty’s request which is madness

Two things come to mind just in the title of the article that becomes puzzling. After six months of pretty much accomplishing nothing it seems rather peculiar that time is now some how an issue. Its not a matter of time, its a matter of getting it right.

Also, the Aruban officials need to get over their attempts as painting Beth Twitty out to be their focal “bad guy”. The letter that was sent to Aruban officials requesting changes was signed by Beth, Jug, Dave and Robin. So I guess the man, Dave Holloway, that Aruba praised is now making requests that are “madness”? Seems to me that they are requesting a competent investigation with fresh eyes. It is hardly madness to request a proper investigation to find one’s daughter.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): SPA president Eric Zaandam said that we have to be careful with the madness that Mrs. Twitty is requesting and saying, among others the fact that there has to be a new investigative team come in, in the case of the disappearance of her daughter.

This because his tactical and technical experience shows that if a new team comes in, they can’t obtain clarity In 6 months, to read all documents of what has happened in the case of Holloway. It will take at least one year, in order to afterwards start with their investigation.

According to Zaandam, the time has come for the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the chief of police to start relating to the press what work has been done in this case and not do this in a global way, but to give specific information about what the investigative team has done.

(the rest of the translation) Hat Tip: Get a Grip

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