Police Union president confirms that Holloway case investigation has officially stopped


From Diario; December 13, 2005; Presidente di SPA ta confirma cu, A STOP INVESTIGACION DEN CASO HOLLOWAY OFICIALMENTE, Te ora cu Gobierno splica kico exactamente e rol di e fiscal nobo ta bay ta

Police Union president confirms that
Holloway case investigation has officially stopped
Until the government explains what exactly the role of the new prosecutor will be

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Monday, the police union (SPA) held a press conference to clear up certain matters that are still pending with the police force. According to SPA president Eric Zaandam, there are some things that are going in a troublesome route and because of this he felt it would be good to hold a press conference.

According to Zaandam, he noted that letters that were sent to the police force, to indicate that certain persons cannot speak with the press anymore, etc. Also, in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, certain people cannot speak to the press, which makes everything fall upon the police force, on its employees.

According to the SPA president, it is now enough and they have to explain to the press what is taking place, so that the press can see what is going on.

Zaandam said that he wants to elaborate on the matter of Commissioner Dompig, where he has been prohibited from speaking to the press and that the Minister of Justice said that Dompig speaks too much with the press and because of this he has forbidden him from doing so.

According to Zaandam, 2 months ago Dompig was approached by AHATA’s CEO, who is a member of the Communications Task Force, Jorge Pesquera, to become spokesperson of the task force.

The reason was that a few consultancy companies in the US showed that the message on the part of Aruba was not reaching in a clear and strong manner internationally using the spokespersons that they were using.

The consultancy companies counseled the Task Force to get a person who knows the legal process and knows about investigations in Aruba and so they decided to approach Dompig to do this.

The arrangement for Dompig’s interviews was that all questions that were to be asked of Dompig, among others for the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’, were first screened by the consultancy companies so that Commissioner Dompig could give the appropriate answers. All this took place according rules and wording, with the Prime Minister’s knowledge who gave the OK for this.

Now that everything has come out in Vanity Fair and that the American producers have come out with another strategy to attack Aruba, all of a sudden Dompig has become a person who speaks too much.

The Minister of Justice came into the game, as if there was no communication between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice, and now all the press knows that the Minister of Justice prohibited Commissioner Dompig from speaking.

These dirty games are unacceptable, according to Zaadam, who said that, for example, no one from the Task Force has come forward to say that they gave Commissioner Dompig the OK themselves, and that they have screened everything and that all was done in a correct manner.

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