Diario: Public Prosecutor reacts to the Amigoe article


Public Prosecutor reacts to the Amigoe article
PG: Publications do not square with the truth
Diario: December 9, 2005

Public Prosecutor reacts to the Amigoe article PG: Publications do not square with the truth

(Amigoe article)

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Thursday, the Public Prosecutor sent a press release to all media, related to an article that appeared in the Amigoe newspaper, where it was published the Attorney General is involved in ongoing cases.

The release says the following: About the level of handling, the Public Prosecutor has decided that it is only the information department of the Public Prosecution that will maintain contact with the press and give information about penal cases.

This is done specifically so that the prosecutor can concentrate only on the investigation and also because in a small community, it is important for the prosecutor to remain outside the light cast by the media.

The information department is equipped with qualified people in the area of information and communications. All workers have to leave them to this handling.

In Holland, all prosecutors have to have them in the handling which was stipulated and it is not tolerated that prosecutors do not do this and do whatever they want. The AG is not involved in cases.

It is not true that the AG involved herself in cases that are ongoing. The AG did not ‘dismiss’ any case either. The AG does not have the authority to do so, only the prosecutor.
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