Dompig Silenced: Writ against public speaking for chief of police Dompig


Looks like the Vanity Fair article may be Gerold Dompig’s last media appearance. According to Amigoe, a gag order has been placed on Dompig by Justice-minister Rudy Croes. Justice-minister Rudy Croes has sent him a written order.

This really is amazing seeing the amount of media attention and media access there has been from the outset of this case. Looks like someone is circling the wagons and only allowing certain parties to speak. One wonders what it was that Dompig said? Was it blaming Natalee’s family for the case not being solved, or stating on American TV that he knew the three suspects were guilty and he just had to prove it?

The letter came shortly after it became public that Dompig had given a interview to the American magazine Vanity Fair. He told the magazine that the family Holloway / Twitty had obstructed the investigation from the beginning. Consequence to this article, Beth Twitty is again being interviewed in several American TV-shows. She said in The Early Show on CBS that it is very difficult for her to even react on the suggestion. “Everybody knows that we have always respected the Dutch judicial system and we have collaborated with them, until it became very disadvantageous for Natalee. That’s when it became necessary for us to seek help.” Dompig talks too much. Recently, he told the Amigoe how the investigation team was busy doing a profile investigation. Attention is not being focused on the possible suspects here, but the victim. By profiling the victim, the police can figure out what type of people would approach her. “From this investigation it appeared that Natalee was not at all the exceptional person that her family made us believe. During her stay in Aruba, she was a party animal and consumed a lot of alcohol. She most probably used drugs and offered this to others. It appeared that Natalee was even after Joran van der Sloot. He didn’t need much persuasiveness to get her.” According to Dompig, there are three new analysts investigating the case. They read the file and ask questions. “Important is not to be blind.”

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