Assistant Police Chief Gerold Dompig blames Natalee Holloway’s Family. No wonder this case has gone no where.


We now know the reason why Natalee Holloway has not been found. We now now the reason why two black security guards were falsely arrested. We now know the reason why Joran Van der Sloot lied and had Deepak and Satish Kalpoe lie that they originally dropped off Natalee at the Holiday Inn. We know know the reason why two security guards homes were searched immediately, yet the three primary suspects in this case home’s were not.

Instead of blaming it on Rio;Assistant Police Chief Gerold Dompig, is blaming it on Beth and Jug Twitty.

Aruban investigators have made claims that Natalee Holloway’s family hindered their investigation.

They said pressure from the family and media caused a premature arrest of the three main suspects in the case. Detectives did not have time to tap phone lines or follow the suspects days after Holloway disappeared.

What do you mean they didn’t have time to tap phone lines or follow the three main suspects? How did the Aruban police even know who the three main suspects were? It was the family that did the leg work that uncovered who was last seen with Natalee Holloway. The Aruban police took ten days to actually arrest the “three main suspects” in this case. In the mean time any evidence that may have been accessible in a car or home could have been destroyed. It was the ALE’s plan to actually allow these suspects to be out and about the Aruban population and tourists even linger than ten days?

It is the belief by Aruban authorities that three teen suspects hold the key to Holloway’s disappearance. Blaming the family is shameful. But it does not explain one thing with regards to the investigation. If the family was to blame for interfering, why did the Aruban police arrest two black security guards initially? Why were their homes and property searched immediately? Natalee Holloway’s family did not pressure you into doing so. In fact, Beth Twitty made it her mission to have these two men freed as soon as possible because they were not responsible. It would actually seem, if it were not for Beth Twitty, two innocent men would have been charged with this crime. Hardly interference. So why were they arrested? Would that be the family’s fault as well, or does the ALE take full credit for that one?

In an interview this morning with CBS, ‘The Early Show’, Beth Twitty responded to the accusations that were made about her and Jug by Gerold Dompig in the Vanity Fair article.

She told The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler she and Jug “absolutely” didn’t hinder investigators.

“It’s hard for me even to respond to such a statement as that,” Twitty told Syler. “Everyone knows that we remained nothing but respectful of the Dutch law, and worked with them until it failed Natalee greatly. That’s when the family became very concerned and began reaching out. We knew we needed additional help.”

In the Vanity Fair article Dompig made the following comments with regards to Beth & Jug Twitty that he would have thought that the arrest of the three suspects would have made them happy.

Dompig is quoted as saying he expected the arrest of prime suspects Joran van der Sloot and two brothers, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, would please the Twittys, but it didn’t.

“It was like nothing could satisfy them — nothing,” says Dompig. “Basically, Jug wanted us to come over and beat a confession out of these boys. We couldn’t do that. These guys are hardheaded, especially Joran. We couldn’t get a confession.”

Did it ever dawn on Gerold Dompig that the family did not just want and arrest, but the case solved and those responsible prosecuted? Gerold Dompig makes it sound like it all ends in Aruba upon the arrest. That is the beginning of the process, not the end.

So the problem with this case could not have been the fact that they ALE could not properly deal with the suspect and get him to talk? After all Dompig has gone on record that the “three suspects” were responsible, he just needed to prove it.

“I don’t know,” Twitty said. “But I remember specifically in a meeting (with authorities that) they were saying this is the most unusual man they had ever dealt with. They had never seen anyone who has just refused to cooperate with the authorities. He really toyed with them during the interrogations, and quite often would place his fingers in his ears and just refuse to speak.”

“I think,” she said, “that they were all frustrated with Joran’s behavior from early on.”

It is an amazing revelation by Dompig that he is blaming the family for his failure. Is anyone in Aruba responsible for anything? What exactly would one presume that parents would do if their daughter went missing? Sit idling by and watch nothing happen?

Can anyone imagine where this case would be today if Beth and Natalee’s family had not gotten involved, except forgotten? It also makes one wonder just how seriously this same crime would have been investigated if it happened to an Aruban teenage girl.

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