Court TV creator, Steve Cohen, becomes spokesperson for the Strategic Communications Task Force of Aruba


From Diario, November 3, 2005; CREADOR DI “COURT T.V” A BIRA VOCERO PA STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS TASKFORCE DI ARUBA, segun Steve Cohen, nos mester drecha bek imagen di Aruba

Court TV creator becomes spokesperson for the Strategic Communications Task Force of Aruba
According to Steve Cohen
, we have to straighten out Aruba’s image

ORANJESTAD(AAN): A press conference given by the Strategic Communications Task Force (SCT) took place on Friday, where the CEO of AHATA and members of the SCT that they held a meeting and they came to the decision to name a special person to be spokesperson for SCT, for everything that has to do with the case of Natalee Holloway.

ATIA’s president, Serge Mansur, said that the decision was to name Steve Cohen for this post.

Steve Cohen has worked as a reporter and presenter in the US, where he was a ‘Senior News Executive’ in Los Angeles and New York.

According to Mr. Mansur, Cohen is one of the creators and producer of the famous Court TV in the US, where he had experience in more than 150 big cases in the courts of the US.
Steve Cohen was also vice president of CBS during 12 years.

This person was on the case from the beginning and has been coming to Aruba since 1979.

Steve Cohen took the podium, where he thanked those who gave him the position of spokesperson.

(rest of translation) Hat Tip: Get a Grip

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