Beth Twitty’s Real Reaction to the Dr. Phil Tapes


Over at Aruba the Truth they are stating the following as being Beth Twitty’s reaction to the announcement of the Dr. Phil tapes:

The Reaction Of Beth Twitty

It was clear that the family had the same dismay as investigators when the tape review was completed.

Beth admitted that it was possible, without her knowledge, that the tape was altered or improperly edited.

I am not quite sure where Aruba the Truth is getting this comment from as they did not bother to source or link to any transcript where it was said. Details, details.

These were the comments by Beth Twitty from FOX, 11-23-05, Geraldo, At Large w/Geraldo Rivera — Wednesday

However, we know that these were Beth Twitty’s comments regarding the tapes from FOX, November 27, 2005, Big Story Weekend.

The Rest of the interview. (Hat Tip SMS)

Rick: Beth, can you just tell me what your reaction is to this story about these tapes.
Whether they’re accurate or not.

Beth: Well, I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to review this tape. I’ve seen it in it’s entirety…the uncut copy. And yes Deepak does specifically say “She did and you’d be surprised how simple it was.” I think what we’re having trouble with here Rick is a language barrier. It’s a semantic problem. The Dutch Forensic Institute has stated that the tape they received from the private investigator and from the FBI has not been manipulated. The one by Dr. Phil was not manipulated, it was edited for television. You can’t have a 2 1/2 hour taped interview on a one hour program. We just needed a 30 second sound-bite or a ten second sound-bite.

Rick: If he did say this then the significance is what? He has once again lied? Or he lied before? What’s the significance?

Beth: Well I think the significance is now we’re getting a confession that all of these suspects had sex with my daughter on the night that they took her. As we know from JVDS statement he has her coming in and out of consciousness. That is a gang rape I believe in the United States. I just hope that the Dutch are not suggesting something as sinister as that Dr. Phil has manipulated these tapes. Again, that tape was edited, not manipulated.

Rick: How was that tape made? Was that an investigator that you sent down to the island?

Beth: This was an investigator…this was Jamie Skeeters and he was sent to the island … the arrangements were made through Dr. Phil. He absolutely stands behind the validity and credibility of those tapes 1000%. I just think it has been a language barrier that has been coming out of Aruba.

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