Aruban Police Question Family as Dave Holloway Wonders Why Suspects are not being Investigated in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway


It has been reported that Aruban officials have investigated members of Natalee’s family to as they say “exclude all possibilities.” They say they still consider three island men to be suspects in her disappearance. It would seem to most people that if Aruban officials wished to “exclude all possibilities” they would have searched the entire property of Paul Van der Sloot before releasing him as a suspect. Or, possibly searched the homes of the three suspects some time prior to ten days into the investigation.

It seems that Dave Holloway is a bit perturbed by the primary focus of the Aruban ALE . To focus on the family to exclude them from the investigation has to be one of the many absurd comments in an investigation full of absurd occurrences.

Need we remind the ALE and Dompig that Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba; not Mountain Brook, AL or Mississippi. It happened in Aruba and the last people to be with Natalee according to all accounts were Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe. As Dave Holloway stated maybe you may want to stop wasting your time and focus on the actual suspects in this case. Like Joran, the one that investigators want to interview but are willing to wait until he returns to Aruba next month for Christmas vacation. I have just one question for the ALE, what makes any of you think he is ever returning to Aruba?

Holloway’s father, Mississippi insurance agent Dave Holloway, said Aruban police should have investigated suspects more rather than asking questions about the family. The probe is stalled and police are trying to keep up the appearance of progress, he said.

Holloway’s relatives have publicly criticized Aruban police for asking questions that seemed to turn the focus of the hunt for the teenager toward her family. Investigators have questioned Twitty and Dave Holloway about possible life insurance money and a trust fund established to accept donations from the public after Holloway’s disappearance

“I’ve tried to get them to follow the solid leads they’ve got,” he said Friday..

Not only does it seem that Aruban officials wish to investigate the family while the three prime suspects remain free without restrictions; Dompig also wants to blame Beth Twitty for releasing information during interviews. He says that the Mountain Brook teens have made “disturbing” statements on the TV and internet when not one of them has made a television appearance in at least three months.

Assistant Aruban Police Chief Gerold G. Dompig also said in an interview that Holloway’s mother, Beth Twitty, has hurt the investigation by releasing sensitive information during her frequent appearances on U.S. television shows. And Holloway’s classmates need to be questioned more because of “disturbing” statements they’ve made public on TV and the Internet, he said.

It would seem hard to believe that Mountain Brook teens posted on-line information relevant to this case when the biggest complaint by many of their critics have been how tight lipped they are. Unless these teens have my-space accounts exactly how is Dompig associating a MB teens statement with and on-line user claiming to be from Mountain Brook? The on-line world is one of anonymity where people claim to be everything and anyone under the sun.

The statements in this article get better and better. When questioned as to why the family was investigated by Aruban authorities Dompig stated the following:

authorities “had to ask certain questions concerning related issues because in any investigation one should be able to exclude all possibilities.”

“This is also standard procedure in (the) U.S. in any investigation,” he said. “The family should not have felt this as an insult nor a witch hunt.”

Investigations in the US also would have focused on the last people with the victim from the initial investigation and searched their homes entirely without giving the opportunity to hide or destroy evidence. Or they would have searched a suspect’s entire home. You would actually dare compare the way this investigation has been handled to that of one in the United States? Actually, this is insulting.

Dompig further goes on to blame the failures of this investigation on Beth Twitty. So much for Aruban responsibility and accountability.

Dompig said Holloway’s mother “has absolutely hurt the investigation” by revealing too much about the case during TV appearances.

“Information given to her in confidence, being the mother of the missing girl, was repeatedly used/twisted by Mrs. Twitty on TV shows,” he said. “This gave away several plans to the suspects’ lawyers even before the investigators could act.”

The one thing and person Aruba and Dompig cannot spin, and spin as they might, is Dave Holloway. This man stood by patiently and gave the ALE and prosecutors every opportunity. He sat back even when mistakes were made and gave them second and third chances to get it right. Dave Holloway searched for answers about his missing daughter. He patiently sat back and provided every opportunity for the ALE to get it right. He was praised by Aruba, its people, the ALE, the Strategic Task Force and those in the Aruban media for his calm and tight-lipped patience.

What do they have to say about Dave Holloway now? Is he somehow evil because he has lost his patience with the investigation by the continued frustration he experienced with road blocks, lack of direction and lack of focus on witnesses? Try as they might, no one can explain away Natalee Holloway’s dad, Dave Holloway as to why he feels the way he does today. He is the same man as he has always been. Dave wants answers, wants his daughter and wants a proper investigation. Hardly seems like much to ask for. It takes a lot to make a patient man lose his patience, but when he does there is usually hell to pay.

But Dave Holloway said police haven’t told family members they were saying too much about the case.

“What they’re complaining about is that they couldn’t sweep it all under the rug and the media got hold of it,” he said.

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NBC13: Aruban Authorities Announce New Twist In Natalee Holloway Investigation

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